Ultimate Tool to Recover Data from Unformatted USB Drive

I formatted the USB drive accidentally on my system when I was supposed to transfer files in the drive. USB drive displays an error of drive not formatted, want to format now? Later I recognized my mistake, USB drive is shown as empty drive. There are many important files and documents on the USB drive and I have to recover those files from my USB drive, can anybody get me the answer of how to recover files from USB drive not formatted issue?

It’s quite common that everybody may have the destructing feeling once they realize they have made a very large mistake using their USB drive. Formatting the USB drive accidentally is among those things you could do this to result in this type of feelings. After formatting the USB drive, you all of a sudden understand that it’s not necessary any backup of those files. You lost those files out of your USB drive within a spilt of second.

Possible reasons that results on formatting the USB drive

  • USB drive will get have contracted the dangerous virus infections and you have to clear those viruses by formatting to be able to return the accessibility particular drive
  • Read or write operation was interrupted before completion and then whenever you plug the unit it states the drive must be formatted before use
  • You possess a new system or there can be something that should format the USB drive to recognize it
  • You upgrade the USB drive with bigger capacity and faster I/O speed, drive is going to be passed onto your friends or family people however, you don’t would like them to determine that which was in it then your drive must be formatted to make it inaccessible
  • If you take away the USB drive abruptly in the system or any other device then you definitely lose all of the important data as the USB drive will get formatted
  • Interruption while transforming the file system from FAT to NTFS or any other, them the drive must be formatted through which all of the data becomes inaccessible

What you want to do in order to recover data in the formatted USB drive whenever you imprudently formatted the USB drive? Things become when you don’t have any copies of all of the important files around the USB drive. Hence it will likely be essential to perform format process of recovery the best means to fix recover data from unformatted USB drive. To be able to do that operation you’ll need reliable USB recovery software. By using this software you can find a way to return all those files from USB not formatted, just discover by reading this website, http://usbnotformatted.com/

Helpful Tips

  • Never connect USB drive onto the system which doesn’t support the file system of the USB drive
  • Always make sure that you simply stored the backup copy from the important files before carrying out the format operation on the USB drive
  • Never save any retrieved files on the USB drive that you lost data
  • Always make use of the up-to-date anti-virus software to eliminate virus from the USB drive