Specialized Program to Optimize Internet Speed for Windows PC

Windows is the well-liked Operating System and has extraordinary features such as helpfulness, compatibility with third party tools, speed and performance. If you use Windows PC on daily basis then make sure that it is appropriately optimized and protected from spyware or virus is significant to have nice experience. Nevertheless, as a result of few maintenance issues, you can come across with some unexpected situations like sluggish performance, continuous use of PC, sluggish start time, compilation of junk files on browser history or hard drive, running of numerous apps, etc. In order to overcome such worst stage, you will re-install Windows Operating System, but it cannot provide you suitable solution and take sufficient time.

In case you are searching for full solution to optimize Windows startup speed, then it is recommended to use Remo More tool. It is included with the capability to keep things running gradually, all while running in background. It performs numerous tasks such as scan and remove worthless registry entries and optimize computer and help you to boost up your computer speed and performance. It can detect and remove dangerous plug-ins in internet explorer and automatically backup system file and folders. It can optimize Windows startup speed in the you are using any type of internet app on Windows computer. This Windows PC internet speed optimizer can enhance the internet for gaming, browsing, downloading, etc. It can optimize your internet connection up to 400%. It will support Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8 with ease.

Most significant instructions to optimize internet speed for Windows PC:

  • Clean up DNS Cache
  • Pause drive indexing
  • Defragment disk drives
  • Load Google Chrome with no Sandbox
  • Improve Virtual memory
  • Reorganize the registry by defragmenting
  • Uninstall worthless programs
  • Delete third party tool bars
  • Disable third party add-ons
  • Clean up provisional files and browser cache
  • Reduce the size of internet cache
  • Remove viruses or malware
  • Limit numerous programs run at startup
  • Delete programs which you never use

In order to download and upload web pages at astonishing speed, it makes internet settings on your PC optimal. It will enhance internet connection speed like Dial-up, DSL, Wireless, Cable, etc. compatible with all modems and high speed ISDN, LAN, CABLE, T1, DSL or other connection. It will optimize Windows settings related with internet to make quicker and more enjoyable internet surfing with its superior optimize and scanning option. Switch off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and internet when idle. It is capable to detect and eliminate harmful plug-ins in internet explorer and effortlessly backup files and folders.

It offers different options such as internet information reader buffer, list of information sent on internet facilitate flow of control information, set selective acknowledgement, amount of requests to a web browser, prevent waste storage of error pages, web pages processing priority, etc. Windows tablet PC of popular brands such as Asus, Samsung, Android tablet, Google Nexus, etc. are supported by this software.