Smarter way to Rescue Data from RAW Drive/Partition

Are you looking to recover data from RAW drive / partition on Windows OS based computers? Then you must step ahead, sometimes due to some unexpected reasons hard drive or partition could throw an error message saying to format the drive or sometimes unusual messages might be popped up. In such situation hard drive or partition of your Windows system might show that it contains 0 bytes of data, the main reason behind it is that the drive / partition might be turned into RAW state as a result of this you could be completely unable to access the data. In this convoluted situation some users could format the drive, in case if that RAW drive composes of any crucial files then it will be an irresistible condition. If you are in such situation you must not to worry about it, recently industry experts have designed RAW drive recovery software; this tool is mainly intended to rescue data from RAW drive. This app is user-friendly and has the capacity to recover RAW drive in Windows 7. We will have a deep discussion on this tool and how it is efficient to recover data from RAW or formatted hard drives/partitions.

Now, it’s time to discuss how the Windows OS based computer’s drives or partitions, the major cause for drive or partition or it might be any external data storage device to become RAW is its file system corruption. Once the file system gets damaged or corrupted then the drive automatically turns into RAW state due to that computer system could not identify the drive and hence you could be unable to access data. Even though you attempt to access data, but some abnormal error messages won’t allow you. So file system of the hard drive/partition could be corrupted or damaged due to master boot record corruption, severe virus attack, improper file system conversion while partitioning, corruption in partition table, OS crash and sudden interruptions while performing read or write operation etc.

You have to obtain this RAW drive recovery software; it thoroughly scans the entire drive and then recovers complete data in couple of mouse clicks. In case if you have formatted the drive / partition due to this issue then this tool easily unformats the complete drive and then restores every file. It supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista etc. For more detail check this page It has the potential to recover data from formatted as well as RAW drives and partitions. It is user friendly and every step of recovery process is explained with detailed screen shots so that even a novice user can easily rescue his data easily. It provides a single platform to overcome different data loss scenarios and then retrieves various types of files having any file extension. Once the recovery process is completed then you can just preview the retrieved files using data type or file type view options. Moreover, you can save the scan session using Save Recovery Session option. In case you wish to evaluate the results then you can opt the trial version that is available freely, using this trail version you can come to know this tool works but to save the files you must switch to complete version of this software.