Recover Files from Un-Formatted Hard Drive

“Drive not formatted, want to format now?” if you are the regular computer user then it will never rare for you to be in such predicament for some reasons. It may be due to viruses or just the power failure which causes this issue. And the direct result is that you are unable to access the drive. And once if you click on yes option to format the drive, all your precious files will be formatted and lost. Are you struck up with this kind of issue and looking for the solution on how to recover data? Don’t worry, this post provides you with the ultimate solution on recovery of files from not formatted error with ease.

How can you recover files from drive not formatted warning message? As you aren’t able to access hard drive when they have not formatted error message, you have to prefer reliable third party recovery software to get rid from this issue. Hard drive recovery program is regarded as the most powerful toolkit that helps in executing hard disk not formatted file recovery without any difficulty. This wizard supports to restore files from different format errors and works with accurate success rate. You can use this hard drive recovery tool to restore of videos, docs, photos and lots of other data.

Below mentioned are some of the causes where you loss data from hard drive due to drive not formatted error message

  • Incompatibilities between the device and the OS
  • File system gets corrupted on logical drives and leads to execute format error
  • Power failure while transferring files from hard drive to other storage device
  • Hardware malfunction or due to any software conflicts
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record causes drive not format error which leads to loss of files stored on it
  • It would be the drive that’s not organized for use with the operating system
  • Hard drive corrupted from dangerous malwares then it throws drive not formatted error messages

As soon as you encounter warning error message like “drive not formatted, do you wish to format now?” you must not format the actual inaccessible hard drive. This is because it will probably complicate the method of file recovery from RAW hard drive. And do not try to perform read or write operations on the hard drive as freshly added files will start to overwrite the actual RAW data. This may causes permanent loss of files in case you continue to perform all the above mentioned things.

More about hard drive recovery toolkit

Hard drive recovery utility is developed with advanced algorithm that rigorously scans the entire drive to restore all the files which are lost due to the occurrence of drive not formatted error. This program is highly compatible with all major Windows Operating System and Mac operating systems. This toolkit is quick enough to recover data from disks facing format errors in just couple of minutes. Go through this page- to gain more details on recovery of files from drives facing format errors with ease. This application supports recovery of files from different file system including NTFS5, FAT16, NTFS, FAT32 and ExFAT.