Recover Data from Formatted Flash Drive

I am having USB flash which works abnormally from the past few days. Whenever I try to access files from USB Flash drive, it shows some format errors saying that drive is not formatted, would you need to format now? Hence I formatted the Flash drive without much thinking. One of the worst thing is I don’t have the backup on the drive. Now is it possible to recover data from formatted USB flash drive?

This will be the very common scenario which you come across while using USB flash drive. As this device is very handy they are carried anywhere. These drives are used to keep the copy of either personal or official files at all times. Unfortunately due to some situations you format the USB drives and ends up with loss of crucial data stored on it. But don’t worry, still there is a way to recover data from formatted USB drive with the help of this reliable USB flash drive recovery software. This application scans the entire drive rigorously to get back all the files from the formatted USB flash drive with ease. Know more on how to recover formatted flash drives by following this link-

Some of the other reasons that lead to format USB flash drives

  • Quick format, sometimes you may quick format flash drives after every use without examining files present on it, in order to delete files stored on it and free up storage space.  This results in loss of files stored on it.
  • Malware intrusion, corruption of flash drive due to virus attack is other reason which makes you to format the USB flash drive.
  • When your USB flash drive is reformatted to have the different file system on it then all the files stored on the previous file system will be formatted
  • Unintentional formatting the USB flash drive, unintentional formatting takes place when you format the USB flash drive wrongly which had important files rather than partition which you planned to format on hard drive. In a hurry you choose USB flash drive and format it without checking the files.

You can find plenty of other reasons too that results in loss of data from formatted USB flash drive. Well, there is nothing to get tensed. Still there is a chance to recover data from formatted USB flash drive with the aid of professional USB drive recovery tool. USB flash drive recovery application can be applied to recover formatted USB drive with all preferred Windows and Mac OS. This application supports recuperation of data from formatted flash memory cards, SSD, external hard drives, iPods and other storage gadgets. Helps in rescuing files, documents and other types of files by NTFS, FAT16, HFS+, HFSX, FAT32, along with ExFAT formatted storage drives. USB flash drive recovery program has an ability to recover data from unreadable flash drive within a few mouse clicks.

Important tips

  • Never connect USB drive to the system which do not support the file system of your USB drive
  • Always use of updated antivirus program to remove virus from USB drive
  • It is suggested not to save recovered files on USB drive from which you lost data
  • Make sure that you have kept its backup before formatting any drive