Perfect Tool to Rescue Folders from External Hard Disk

Using External hard drive to store computer data is becoming very common these days. This removable storage device allows users to save and backup huge amount of important personal and business data. People often use removal external hard disks as they have attractive features such as its large storage capacity, portable in nature i.e. they can be easily carried with you to use and transfer data just by connecting to any computer via cable. All these factors make external hard drives as the one of the best choice to backup and share your pictures, movies, songs, documents, etc. with your colleagues, family or friends. Though it has so many useful features, But, they do include some risks i.e. loss of data either due to accidental deletion or because of corruption.

Consider a scenario where you were trying to delete some unwanted files from external hard disk to free up memory space, but instead of selecting a single file you accidentally selected entire folder and hit delete key. Later found that in hurry important folder containing vital files is being deleted. After such annoying incident, you rushed to check in Recycle Bin so as to restore deleted folder back. But, it’s really a terrific situation as you couldn’t find it in Recycle Bin because any file deleted from external HDD on computer will not be saved in Recycle Bin folder instead it causes permanent deletion. 

What do to next?? Are you worried on how to restore folders that have been deleted from external drive on computer? Well, don’t be tensed as you can rescue your deleted folders from external hard disk by making use of the most reliable tool named Folders Recovery. This folder restoration tool comes with robust scanning engine that deeply scans the drive from which folders are deleted and locates file types. Then, by using its unique file attribute helps to retrieve deleted files and folders from external HDD.

Scenarios that cause deletion of folders from External Hard Drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reasons where your important folders are deleted from External HDD is accidental deletion. Suppose you want to delete junk files and folders from disk, but mistakenly you end up with deletion of important folders containing valuable documents. The files deleted from external hard disk on computer does not get stored on Recycle Bin, thus there is no chance that you can find deleted files and folders back without using any third party tool.
  • Unreliable Antivirus Software: As these External hard disks are connected to different computers there is a chance of virus attack onto the disk. Hence user performs antivirus scan before retrieving / storing data when connected to computer. During this scanning process, if antivirus tool comes across any malware infected folders present on External HD then it will delete without users conformation that in turn leads to data loss.
  • Interruptions during File Transfer: Sudden power failure, improper ejection of externally connected drive, etc. in between of the transfer process from External HDD to computers may result in incomplete action. Thus, it causes deletion of current folder that is being associated for transfer process.
  • File System Errors: Like every storage media, these External HDD includes file system. This file system plays an important role in storing data. Due to some unknown errors, if this file system gets corrupt / damaged. If it gets corrupted then it changes structure of present content, hence data stored in it becomes inaccessible and ultimately causing loss of files and folders.

It’s better to take some precautionary measures to avoid deletion of folders rather than recovering it later using some recovery tools:

Useful Precautionary Measures:

  • Immediately stop using of drive after deletion or loss of folders to avoid overwriting
  • Scan your External hard disk with authorized antivirus software to get clear from virus intrusion
  • Do not connect your External HDD to virus infected laptops or computers

Whatever may be the situation to delete files and folders, but if you want to get those folders back then you should immediately stop using the external hard drive and make sure you do not add any new data onto portable hard disk. If you continue using drive, then it would result in overwriting of deleted folders thus leads to permanent loss. Thus you need to take quick actions to recover folders from External hard drive by using a reliable retrieval application one like Folders Recovery Program.

Excellent features of Folders Recovery Tool:

Folder recovery is the most recommended tool in the market, which has user friendly interface and provides you the fast and easy approach to recover folders from the External HDD. It can restore deleted or missing folders from all versions of both Windows and Mac system. This recovery program not only helps user in retrieving the folder from External HDD, but also  memory card, SD card, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. in very less time. This efficient application can even recover folder and place in same location as before, even when your hard drive is completely crashed or it does not boot.

This restoration utility provides a free demo version that provides a clear and step by step procedure on how to recover folders from External hard drive without leading to any confusion. You can even preview the recovered folders in external disk and evaluate efficiency of the software. If you are satisfied with this version, then you can purchase licensed version and save restored folders.