Outlook PST File Fix

Lost access to Outlook profile due to PST file corruption or due to any damage to PST file? Never worry about it anymore. We will introduce you a perfect solution to regain access to Outlook profile. For getting back access you need to repair PST file that is damaged or corrupted with the help of a professional tool. What we recommend to our reader is to make use of Fix PST File software, which is made after considering all the issues faced by PST file.

Industrialist and professionals are quite familiar to Microsoft Outlook. They make use of it mainly for the purpose of sending and receiving emails. Most of the users of Outlook are technically unaware of many things they just use it to communicate. Among millions of users who make use of Outlook hardly few thousands or even less number of people use it effectively. And when some problem arises they will rather get stuck. This article is intended as an aid to users who wants to know how to repair PST file safely and recover data contained in it.

Microsoft Outlook comes with the Office package of Microsoft, which actually helps the users to manage emails, contacts, notes, calendar, tasks, journals, reminders, etc. Business organizations are hugely depending on Outlook to communicate within themselves and to their clients and are really benefitted too. Basically, all the information managed in Outlook is stored inside the file which is called as PST or Personal Storage Table. If any adverse thing happens to PST file then your Outlook profile will become inaccessible.


Keeping this in mind Microsoft itself brought a tool to repair damaged PST file so that user can regain access to Outlook profile i.e. Scanpst.exe. This to a certain extent helped users to get back access to Outlook. However, Scanpst.exe have failed to repair PST files in all cases. Another major drawback of Scan PST is that it manipulates the source PST file to fix the issue. So, in case if it fails there is a possibility for further damage of PST file. And the need for alternate solution was due and it didn’t took much long for experts to come up with Fix PST file software.

Fix PST File never manipulates the original file while repairing PST file, it creates a duplicate of the source and hence the source file is free from modifications. Before learning more about Fix PST File, it is important for us to know some of the common causes of corruption of PST file

  • Harmful viruses: Viruses and malwares that have entered into the system might become the reason for damaging PST file, which denies the user from accessing their profile.
  • Upgrade errors: Error occurrences while trying to upgrade Outlook into newer version might corrupt the PST file.
  • Inappropriate closing: Terminating Outlook software while sending or receiving emails can so often damage the structure of PST file making the Outlook profile inaccessible.
  • Oversized PST: Every Outlook version has a fixed PST file size limit for earlier Outlook versions it was fixed with 2GB, in case if PST file exceeds the limit then the data may not get stored inside the PST file further instead it may cause damage to PST file.
  • Other issues: Error in network, logical errors, etc. can also turn Outlook unresponsive.

As discussed tech experts have built Fix PST File application considering all the reasons behind corrupting or damaging PST file. This read only application is perfect under any circumstances in fixing PST file. Scanpst.exe may fail but Fix PST File application can guarantee safe repairing of PST file. After fixing the PST file, you can save the healthy PST file into a desired space.

This professional tool has the potential to fix damaged PST and OST file without any difficulty. Fix PST File is suited to repair PST file created using different versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc on Windows operating systems. This application safely retrieves emails, contacts, reminders notes, tasks and other attributes after repairing PST file.