Most Excellent Utility to Restore Lost Pictures on Android

Android Operating system is just open source OS also it facilitates user to edit and create new apps for Android. This characteristic made this OS more strong and popular within market. Some other reasons for the popularity of Android Phones are these includes most attractive look, capacity to aid HD games, large quantity of internal storage memory, HD camera, and most importantly its useful apps. These Android phones are made with very high capacity pixel rate cameras, applying this it’s fairly common to consider photos and save it on Android Phone.

Photo loss is pretty normal with Android phones like other devices phones could also loss photos the reasons like unplanned deletion or even planned deletion. If you lost any photo because of these reasons then you don’t need to worry it’s because by utilizing Photo Recovery Software it’s easy to restore lost photos on Android.

There are some reasons because of which photo loss can be seen on Android

Format:  As a result of many reasons the formatting process could be undertaken on Android Phones. If this kind of process is in progress during that time. You may lose essential data including image files.

Third Party Tools: Today the majority of the Android phones are popular due to the rich set of applications, once if you downloaded any photo editing app from Google play store that is present in Android phone. By using edit any photo then if you do not know using such apps properly then there’s chance of photo deletion from your Android.

Default settings: If you’re Android phone unable to perform tasks according to your instruction, then the users may choose restoring factory settings. If once you restore phone settings then that will bring your Android phone to its initial state and during this time period you may lose huge data which might includes photos.

Features associated with Photo Recovery Software

  • It is among the most significant photo recovery software for Android phones and performs photo recovery operation on different picture formats.
  • Using this advanced tool it could possible to work on the major Android OS versions for example Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and so on.
  • The GUI of Photo Recovery Software is a lot simple and it can possible to get back lost photos without any type of core technical knowledge.
  • This utility can be utilized on Windows system of different versions.
  • This application can be utilized smoothly on the entire Smart phone brands which supports Android OS are Micromax, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo and so on.
  • It can be utilized to recover photos from various devices including SD cards, iPods, external hard disk etc. To know   SD card recovery in simple method then visit this:  SD-card-for.html

Precautions to prevent photo loss from Android Phones

  • Avoid factory settings to reset to just before taking backup of data.
  • While data transfer occurs between phone and PC don’t allow data cable to disconnect abnormally.
  • Provide special attention while dealing with any third party photo editing app that could delete photo unintentionally.
  • Use trusted antivirus for the Android Phones and attempt to scan your phone often.