Most Efficient Tool for Android Recovery

Nowadays Android has emerged the most popular operating system with the Smart phones. The reasons behind Android popularity is that by utilizing it you can perform many tasks such as recording top quality videos, playing high quality games, downloading rich number of apps etc. Android OS has released many versions till date those are Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean. The most recent version of Android OS is KitKat 4. 4; most of the mobile companies are utilizing Android OS for their own Smart persons today.

Android smart phones are popular for storage capacity and contains huge amount of internal and external storage memory. It will help an individual to store wide range of data and also that will the facility to store the high resolution games with larger in size. It has been often seen that usually Android phone users choose unwanted file deletion that could include image file or any other file. If you lost data from Android phone then by making use of most effective Android Recovery Tool you are able to recover lost data.

Android phone data loss situation

Abrupt Ejection of Device: Because of many reasons you might connect your phone towards the system like transferring files from Android phone to the system. During such point of time if you eject phone from system abruptly which may results in loss of files from Android phones?

Using Format Option: While using Android phone data many times it has been noticed that Android users may select “Format” option” in such case you will lose wide range of data.

Virus or Malware Attack: Most of time data loss may occur due to virus or malware infection. Virus may enter your Android phone due to connecting the device on the system. Currently virus attack rate has become increased its because of messaging apps, by using this numerous virus infected files are exchanging among the people this is also one of many cause of data loss from Android.

Use of “Restore Factory Settings” option: Every phone is having this feature by default; most of the occasion users may go to reset this sort of setting option. If you select this option then it’ll bring back you Smartphone settings to its primary state. During this process large amount of data loss may takes place.

Powerful features of Android recovery program

  • This can help you out to recover missing data from different Smart phone manufacturing brands like Micromax, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, in addition to LG.
  • By using Android recovery program it could be possible to retrieve missing images from Android phone’s memory card or internal memory.
  • This utility has capacity to recover lost data from different versions of Android such as KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Gingerbread etc.
  • This software has easy user interface using this any novice user can perform the Android recovery activity.
  • This software has capacity to recover audio and video files like MP3, MP4, AVI, and MIDI and additionally, it can recover application files such as. apk files.
  • The “preview” option will facilitate you to examine recovered data before you go to purchase the complete version of software.