Lost Data Recovery after reinstallation of Windows XP

Window XP is one of the most popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It was released on august 2001, preceded by Windows 2000 and ME. Compared to previous versions, it had more intuitive graphical user interface, improved hardware support, expanded multimedia support, good performance, etc. Therefore, it got more positive reviews and also with its efficiency and stability, Windows XP eventually proved to be more popular and widely used operating system.

However, it is also not free from issues which lead to loss of data. Consider a scenario where in you were using Windows XP desktop, suddenly blue screen appeared which showed some error messages. Though you restarted your Windows XP system many times, it was appearing again. So, you reinstalled Windows XP operating system in order to solve that problem. Anyways you solved the issue of blue screen error, but ended up in losing data present in the drives. Are you thinking on how to get back those valuable data lost after reinstallation of XP OS?  Well, do not worry. Here is the best solution under the name of laptop disk recovery software.  Laptop disk recovery is most recommended and highly rated tool by the industry experts. This software can recover lost data after reinstalling Windows XP in a simple and efficient manner without modifying your original source.

Various scenarios which causes data loss after reinstalling Windows XP:

Virus attack: If your Windows XP computer is not protected by reliable Anti-virus software, it may get infected by harmful viruses. In such case your Windows XP OS gets corrupted. Therefore, you may reinstall your Windows XP operating system in order to access the drive. But, the process of reinstalling will erase all files, installed software’s, configured settings, etc. from Windows XP system.

OS Crash: Due to some known or unknown reasons, if installed operating system gets corrupt, then you may feel the need of reinstalling the OS. Reinstallation of OS will ask you to format the drive. But, if you format the system drive without keeping data backup then it leads to data loss, because formatting erases entire data present on that drive.

Other issues: Abrupt system shutdown, improper partitioning of drives, etc. are some of the issues which may cause malfunctioning of Windows XP operating system. In order to fix it you may reinstall Windows XP operating system. If improper procedure is followed while reinstalling, it may leads to loss of data.

Whatever may be the situation for loss of data after reinstalling Windows XP, lost files can be easily recovered with the help of our highly reliable laptop disk recovery tool. However, you can avoid loss of files after reinstalling Windows XP by taking some precautionary measures:

  • Before reinstalling Windows XP operating system, copy all the data into other storage device.
  • Avoid using system hard drive once you have encountered data loss as it may overwrite the lost data of Windows XP disk.
  • Always preserve essential data in other storage devices.

Features of Laptop Disk Recovery Software:

Laptop disk recovery tool is reliable and robust data recovery software that helps you out to retrieve all types of lost or deleted data such as documents, audios and videos of more than 300 file formats from your laptop or computer hard drive after reinstalling Windows XP operating system. It also has the ability to recover lost data even from partitioned or repartioned hard drives. This laptop disk restoration utility supports recovery of lost data from different types of file systems such as FAT 16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT after reinstalling XP. This application is not only capable of recovering lost data from reinstalled Windows XP drive, but its compatible to restore data on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. In addition to HDD, the software also allows you to retrieve files from other storage devices like memory cards, USB flash drives and external hard drives, etc.

Laptop disk recovery program can also be used in restoring lost data after reinstalling Mac operating systems like Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, Mountain lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. This restoration utility provides free demo version that clearly explains step by step procedure to rescue lost data from Windows XP operating system after reinstallation, formatting, corruption, deletion, etc. You can even preview the recovered files and sort them according to their name, date, size and file type. If you are satisfied by the efficiency of demo version you can purchase the licensed version and save restored data on desired destination.