Learn Nine Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers Online

Protect_Yourself_from_Online_HackersEveryone is aware of the internet hacking and now without wasting any time we are going to discuss about the nine ways to protect yourself from hackers.

  1. Make your password harder to hack

To make the password harder you need to include lower case and upper case letters, special characters and numbers. At least you need to keep 8 characters in length. You should not keep any family numbers.

  1. Change your password regularly

To safe all your account or the PC you should change the password regularly. Also many will keep the same password in multiple accounts. So it makes the hackers to hack all accounts of same password.

  1. Clear your browser history

After browsing or downloading anything of the browser the first thing you need to do is clearing the history, because the hackers can know about the information you have collected or sent.

  1. Do not use free Wi-Fi

Nowadays in the public places there is availability of free Wi-Fi to access Internet. In such free Wi-Fi there will be no need of password and you can use for free. But the negative point is that there are chances of hacking. So avoid using free Wi-Fi as much as possible.

  1. Use HTTPS

HTTPS stands for “hyper text transfer protocol secure”. It is same as HTTP but it contains one special security layer. So always prefer to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  1. Watch what you click

Mostly when you download the attachments from the email, they look like any important file, but actually it will be a virus file. This is the most popular way of hacking the data of your computer and it is called as phishing. So you need to be careful to download any attached file.

  1. Try not to use public computers

The main source of hacking your information is from the public computer. If by mistake you left some personal data on the public computer than there are more chances of others to steal your data. So always try to avoid using public computers.

  1. Use anti-virus protection

In the current scenario attack of virus is abundant and you need to protect your system from the virus if you don’t be careful then virus may get enter your computer. So you have to make use of any reliable anti-virus software in order to protect your computer.

  1. Be careful while using thumb drive

One of the main reasons in spreading the virus is from flash drive, because these drives are used across many computes. If one computer is attacked by the virus and if you insert the flash drive by then the virus will enter in the thumb drives and follows to rest of the computers in which this drive is inserted.