Know How to Recover Deleted Outlook Items

Microsoft Outlook is a vital application which often known as personal information manager which is designed, launched, developed and marketed by Microsoft and it is available to people as part of Microsoft Office suite. It is available with different editions of Microsoft office. The current version of Outlook for Windows is 2013 and for Macintosh is 2011. Other than email application it also includes calendar, task, notes, reminders, journals and many more.

These items stores various information that is necessary to carry out the work smoothly. Calendar can be used to keep appointments and plan meetings and will synchronize with other Outlook user’s calendar. Tasks are also essential for remembering things you want to do with the ability to set an audible alarm. Contacts folder store each of the contacts in a particular order so that it will be easy to send email to the particular mail id as and when required.

Apart from advantages offered by Outlook attributes as discussed above, there are various reasons due to which the Outlook items get deleted. Are any of your Outlook items got deleted? Do you want to know how to recover the deleted Outlook items? If YES, then Outlook Recovery Tool is really a best solution for your queries which will assist you in recovering deleted Outlook items. To know more about this tool you can visits the following link:

Scenarios for which you need to use Outlook Recovery Tool

  • Upgradation of OS: While upgrading the older version of OS to its newly launched OS, some of the important emails contained in the Outlook inbox folder may get deleted. So in such conditions take advantage of Outlook Recovery Tool to extract Outlook emails and also all other attributes.
  • Abrupt System Shut down: Sometimes user may abruptly shut down the system to do some other important work while utilizing Outlook to send a message or is sharing some personal folder with friends. This will lead to deletion of files and may leave user frustrated.
  • Antivirus Scan: You may use antivirus software whenever you realize that your Windows OS have been attacked by some powerful viruses or malware, this can automatically delete some crucial files including Outlook PST files. At such conditions Outlook Recovery Tool will let you recover Outlook PST file.
  • Empty Deleted Item Folder: Without checking the contents of deleted item folder chances are you’ll empty that folder in order to free up the storage space which can lead to loss of some significant files including PST files.

This Advanced Outlook Recovery Tool is recommended by industry professionals to retrieve inbox files of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is a quick retrieval of files and folders from Windows OS. Restore deleted Outlook items from partitions from the RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array. This tool has a power to recover emails, messages, contacts, notes, journals, tasks, calendar, RSS feeds and other attributes from Outlook. The PST file that is corrupted after reaching its maximum size limit can be effectively repaired. Simple graphical user interface is developed with this Outlook app that makes user to recover deleted Outlook items and also password protected PST files.