Ideal Tool to Extract Damaged Zip File

Just before two days I got a mail from my friend. He sent me one attachment in that mail. The attachment was a Zip file. I downloaded that Zip file, after downloading I saved that Zip file into my computer. I don’t know suddenly what went wrong, the Zip file which I downloaded abruptly got damaged. Since it has been damaged now I am unable to extract the files from that Zip folder. The files that are trapped in that damaged Zip folder are very important to me. So to tackle this issue I started searching the remedy on Google then I got this following information.

Do you know how to extract damaged Zip file? If not, then just go through this page. Here you will find a simple way of extracting files from a damaged Zip folder. To extract files from a damaged Zip folder you need to take the assistance of Zip repair software, which has the potential of fixing a damaged Zip file.

Before beginning with Zip repair software, let us have a brief discussion on the scenarios due to which Zip file gets damage.

  • Zip file Header corruption:  Header of Zip file keeps all the information of Zip file, if the header of it gets corrupted then you will get an error message displaying Header corrupt. Header can get corrupted because of the reasons like virus infection, power surges, use of header editing utilities, etc
  • Altering the extension of Zip file: The extension of Zip files will be as (.zip), if you change this extension to some other unsupported file format then there is a chance of Zip files getting damaged

Not just these, there exists many other awful reasons on account of which your Zip file will get damaged. But using Zip repair application, you can very easily fix the issues of damaged Zip files, and can extract data from a damaged Zip file. To fix your Zip files click here:

Prominent features of Zip repair program are mentioned below:

Zip repair tool is an ideal application to repair damaged Zip files effectively. After repairing Zip file using this application, you can easily extract your files from Zip folder. This helpful software has the capability of repairing 32 bit and 64 bit Zip files easily. By taking the aid of this influential software, you can easily fix severely damaged Zip files. This amazing repair utility can be easily installed on various versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc. It’s a fastest repair application that can repair damaged Zip files in a very less time. It is an award winning Zip repair program that is recommended by many of IT professionals. It’s a safest application that is free from all sorts of viruses and other malicious programs. Using this repair tool you can even repair Zip files on any of the external storage device.

Download the trial version of above mentioned Zip repair application from website, and install on your PC. Run the application, and repair your damaged Zip file. After successful repair process, purchase the paid version of similar application.