How to Stop Downloading Windows 10 Update?

Microsoft regularly sends a Windows 10 update notification to their Windows PC users. So that, whenever user decides to upgrade they can download Windows 10 files on their system. There are many users who are excited about upgrading from their previous version to Windows 10. But, at the same time there are some other users who are running Windows 7 or 8 operating system on their PC who do not want to update OS to the latest version due to variety of reasons.

how to stop downloading windows 10 updateBecause, Windows 10 OS files size is large and can consume memory space up to 4 or 6 GB of hard drive storage space of the users system. If users don’t have much enough storage capacity in their hard disk then it will be pain for the user. In this aspect user do not need worry, there is a method to stop downloading Windows 10 update from happening. If Windows update setting is set to the allow for automatic updates then Microsoft will automatically sends some software up-gradation notification along with the Windows 10 files to the user PC.

If really want to know how to stop downloading Windows 10 update in your system? Then, go through this article carefully here I am going to explain in detail about how you can prevent receiving Windows 10 update notification onto your computer.

Procedure for how to turn Off Windows update notification:

Turning auto updates option off is depends on whether you have installed Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system in your PC.

For Windows 7 users: Click on Start menu then search for control panel and click it or there is one shortcut method, on the keyboard select and hold Start menu and then press ‘R’ button. It will open a Run command, where you can type control panel and hit Ok button. Control panel wizard will open then search and click on the Windows update option.

It will display another wizard then, in the right upper corner there is option called change setting select that. You will see important update below that there is a drop down button. By default “Install updates automatically (recommended)” is selected. Choose option called “Check for updates but let choose whether to download and install them” or select “Never check for updates” and then click on Ok.

For Windows 8 users: Take your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, and then click on Settings. Then select change PC settings, then Update and Recovery, select “Choose how updates get installed,” then click on “Never check for updates” or “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.”