How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files in an Easy Way?

Data-Recovery-SoftwareHi Friends!! I am using laptop at my home on which Windows 8 is installed. Last week while using suddenly system is turned off due to interruption. Under such condition, huge amount of data from laptop is lost and I am unable to access those files. Those files are important to me and I want to recover as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest any reliable tool to recover deleted or lost files from system?

Easy File Recovery tool is an essential software to recover deleted or lost files without any issue. This application can be installed on Windows as well as Mac system to recover data loss. Using this tool, user is capable in recovering files from various data storage device such as hard drive, pen drive, USB drive, external HDD, etc. With the assistance of this application, you are able to recover 300 file types with few mouse clicks. You are able to purchase easy file recovery tool from website to restore deleted or lost files with great ease.

Reasons for data loss from various data storage device

Unintentional deletion or formatting: It is an option that clear files and folder from data storage device. It happens when user accidentally press delete or format button on system that finally results in permanent deletion of files.

Bad sectors: The sectors on data storage device which is damaged due to overheating or power sink. When the files are stored over that sector then it is corrupted and lost from data storage device.

File system corruption: The file system of drive locates the files and folder. When file system is corrupted due to virus attack then operating system is unable to find out files and folder. This results in data loss from data storage device.

Other factors: Several other circumstances for the data loss from storage device are power fluctuation, error while file transfer, sudden transfer, etc.

You can use easy file recovery tool to recover deleted or lost files from data storage device. This application can be launched to perform data recovery from hard drive, external HDD, pen drive, memory card, USB drive, etc.

Features of Easy File Recovery Tool

  • This software can be launched to recover data on Windows and Mac system. The user need 50MB space on system for proper installation.
  • With this tool, you are able to recover 300 file types easily. Some of the file formats are JPG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, DOC, DOCX, PDF, PDS, XLS, etc.
  • The software consists of find option that allows user to find out files from the large list according to file type, file name and file signature.
  • The demo version of easy file recovery tool can restore deleted or lost files for free. In order to save the recovered file, user need to purchase the licensed version.