How to Recover Files from Crashed Hard Drive

Now a day the whole world adopted computers, computers are used in the area of business, industry, hospital, travel, tickets, Government and banks etc. it keep the small amount to large amount of data in it, computer work on operating system like Window, Window vista, Mac Systems. These are all user friendly OS.

Hard disk drive is the memory storage disk it keeps the all files with data and operating system files and programs. Sometimes Hard drive get crashed by some of reasons, it leads to lose your data. Hard drive damage which usually includes logical damaged and physical damage. Logical damage includes track servo information error, system information error and section logical error and Physical damage includes head assembly damage, steering circuit damage, comprehensive damage and sector physical damage.

You are all data will save in computer hard drive, it contains your most memorable files like images (wedding, trips, or some moment which make you very happy), video files, audio, documents and some personal files. Have ever your hard drive get crashed or deleted files from it? If yes, then don’t worry!! Your deleted files never go out of hard drive. It will available until you fill your drive by other files. When hard drive gets crashed or data loss, then you will find software for how to recover files from crashed hard drive?  You will get lot of tools to recover but while choosing has a look about the tools because some tools are fake and some are genuine. So always take a genuine tool to get back your all lost data.

Some data loss scenarios, how hard drive gets crashed or how you lost data from hard drive?

  • ·         Hard drive may crashes Due to worm of your PC
  • ·         If your hard drive become full, then suddenly you will format the drive
  • ·         Due to partition or re-partition of drive
  • ·         Restoring your computer without keeping backup
  • ·         Deletes accidentally or unintentionally
  • ·         When large files deleted it can bypass the recycle bin because of size limitations and result in loss of data
  • ·         Due to power variation like supplying low power to the system, or sometimes power on-off

Here are some suggestions please follow to keep your hard drive safe and secure,

  • ·         Always use UPS for power backup
  • ·         Keep one backup copy of all files
  • ·         Check before deleting unwanted data
  • ·         Keep your computer CPU cool
  • ·         Before partition or re-partition take your data backup

Feature of the software: can recovers both internal and external hard drives, restore files from file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and all supported by Windows and Mac OS. Also recovers all files types like image files, video files, audio files, supported image file formats PSD PSP, PNG, BMP, GIF, and JPEG etc. supported video file formats ASF, MP4, MOV, AVI,  MPEG, 3GP, MKV, WMV etc.  The supported audio file type includes MP3, RPS, AU, WAV, MP3, and M4A.