How to Compress JPEG Pictures in Mac

Do you want to compress JPEG pictures in Mac? Would like to decrease the size of JPEG picture? Do you want to know how to compress JPEG pictures on Mac? Don’t waste your time and energy on searching many programs to compress multiple JPEG image files. You have already been in a right place; this particular short article helps you to get an answer for how can I compress jpeg pictures in Mac with ease.

JPEG files are based on Joint Photographic Experts group are compressed image files. JPEG image files are the most common form of image format as well as the most likely to appear on your system. Large JPEG data file occupies great deal of disc space. Even though JPEG files may be compressed for storage as well as uncompressed as soon as needed, once the files are compressed, it consumes a lesser amount of disc space chances then they’ll ended up to be quit uncompressed.

When you carry photo with high resolution camera and then transfer all of them with your Mac then may notice that they are occupying lots of hard disk space that you would rather use to store various other files. Furthermore you might need to put few photos over a website or maybe deliver to someone through mail but would prefer to use small photo size. Periodically while seeking to use JPEG picture you expertise that this image needs to have its size reduced. That is amongst the frequent occurrences as you make an effort to deliver pictures in email messages and also while posting pictures to websites. Some of you may attempt to use different image instead of transforming the size of the original JPEG image since you don’t know how to compress pictures. You can easily compress many JPEG pictures by the installation of file compressor software on your Mac system.

Following are the procedure to be followed to perform compression of JPEG images on Mac

  • The process of compression of JPEG pictures begin with launching with iPhoto main screen. Drag and drop the particular JPEG image which it is advisable to compress.
  • When the particular iPhoto main screen opens, search for the particular share menu, press “Apple” key on the keyboard when clicking photos to select multiple images.
  • Now click File and choose Export
  • Click on “kind” pull down menu and select JPEG file format
  • Click on the size drop down menu and choose new size such as Medium or Small.
  • When you select on JPEG in Kind drop down menu, you can also click JPEG Quality pull down menu to customize the particular compression process.
  • Now select Medium or Low for maximum compression of photos. Higher the compression, less the detail you see in the photo.
  • Click on Export, a new dialogue box will be displayed. Select the location on your drive to export the compressed JPEG images and create fresh folder. You can also provide the folder name as compressed JPEG images and click OK. Then the iPhoto app begins compressing your images to the folder you chosen.

This method enables you to compress any image file format on Mac.