Fix Memory Card Error

Memory card is the main storage device which is used in digital camera, Smartphone, etc. With the help of this memory card you can store your precious pictures, videos, audios and many other files. There are many types’ memory cards which includes CF card, SD card, XD card, etc. Because of some reason this memory card gets damaged.

During this situation you come across some an error messages like, “memory card error”, “ memory card not initialized”, “read/write error”, “no memory card”, “memory card not formatted”, memory card cannot be used”, “memory card locked”, etc. Due of these error messages files on the memory card could disappear and be lost within a few seconds. All these memory card error messages will be very confusing and stressful as it is not clear exactly how to fix the error. In some cases your digital camera may prompt to reformat the memory card and refuses to take new pictures or view old pictures.

Factors responsible for card not formatted error

  • File system corruption, usually memory card is formatted originally as FAT and if you push to format it as NTFS then you encounter some errors when you use it.
  • Improper operation, memory card gets totally corrupted when you perform any of the operation improperly like interrupted in file transfer process, incomplete downloading process, etc.
  • Bad sectors, when you connect memory card to system to format then you system displays an error message because of the bad sectors exist in the memory card.

Other than this many other problems can occur with this memory card which renders it temporarily unusable and is not able to display or offload photos and other files from the memory card. Have you ever met this kind of situation from the memory card of your Smartphone? Wondering if there is any way to fix such memory card error or at least restore files from the memory card.


When this problematic error occurred on your memory card, memory card error recovery software helps you to get back all your files within a span of few minutes. Visit this site,  to know how to recover pictures from memory card after not formatted error. You can try this recovery tool in free trial version and search for the lost files for free. By this you can evaluate the efficiency of this software before purchasing.

Some of the important tips

  • While moving files from the memory card to the system, always have the habit of taking backup of all your important files
  • Eject the memory card properly by using safety option and never pull out the memory card during any transferring process
  • Do not use the same memory card on different devices
  • Always use an updated antivirus tool to scan your memory card