How to Recover Data from Flash Drive without Formatting

“I have a flash drive that’s saying me to format it before I can use it. I have countless number of files that are saved on it and I have no backup for this data. I don’t want to lose this data from my drive so is there anything I can do to rescue these files from my flash drive before I can format my drive?”

You can certainly recover back all the files from your flash drive that’s asking you to format it before use. It only requires you to make use of a recovery application that can scan and retrieve all files from a flash drive just like this. The recovery application used in this tutorial is also the most recommended for flash drive recovery and is certified for Windows as well as Mac OS use.

Flash drives are preferred by almost everyone to carry user files on them. They come in affordable prices and let you save enormous number of files on them. They support to save files of all types and sizes but on large basis media files dominate the flash drives. Uncertainties on the other hand cause you to lose precious files off your drive and this might cause you to frustrate a lot if you don’t carry a backup for the lost data. One such uncertainty that might arise unexpectedly is the ‘format your drive before use’ error. However, you can get back all the data from a flash drive when it asks you to format it by making use of a flash drive recovery software on your system. You don’t have to format your drive but rather make use of the software available at the above link and get all the data off the drive. The retrieved data is then saved to a safe folder other than the drive from which it was just recovered from, thus making sure you have all your data back once again.

Features of this Flash Drive Recovery Software:

  • Comes with a fast and powerful recovery algorithm that has the potential to scan and retrieve each and every file from your flash drive.
  • Features an interface that requires a few mouse clicks and is easy to use at the same time.
  • Saves the recovered files from a flash drive to a safe folder.
  • Let’s you to have a preview of the recovered files even before they’re saved to a folder.
  • Is compatible on all versions of Windows as well as on Mac OS.


Efficient Tool to Recover Photos from Sony Xperia

Hello, I have been making use of Sony xperia containing a good amount of memorable images, videos, new music albums, documents and applications. Today morning my mobile device encountered auto reboot problem frequently, so I restore this to factory settings which created to lose photos entirely through my device. All I must know, is there any possible way to retrieve my lost files back?

Well, don’t get tensed. This is a common error which is faced by lots of people and photos which are lost can be retrieved by using Sony Photo Recovery Software in the quick session.

Sony Xperia series is one of the fastest moving smart cellular phone devices in today’s world because of its advanced technology features like High-definition camera, video, large safe-keeping capacities, 3D realistic games, clear sound qualities, and so on. There has been large advantage on Sony Xperia nevertheless user could lose or delete photos because of various reasons which will be mentioned below. Luckily, by making use of Sony Photo Recovery Software user can recover pictures from Sony Xperia effortlessly in a few clicks of the mouse.

Common scenarios on how photos get deleted or lost from Sony Xperia:

  • Accidental Deletion: While viewing files or maybe photos in Sony Xperia smart phone, user may unintentionally rub out those important photo directories. This sort of incidence occurs because of its sensitive touch screen.
  • Interruptions while Photo Transfer: To back-up important photos, user may possibly connect Sony Xperia to help PC/Laptop for transferring photos. At times, if any interruptions like abrupt program shutdown, camera switch off can result in deletion of photos on Sony Xperia.
  • Virus Disease: Virus has a capability to attack smart phone and also memory card in an easy way. Usually, virus enters straight into gadget through untrustworthy web sites or copying files through virus infected devices and also corrupts the photos encased on Sony Xperia cellular phone.

Other Reasons such as unintentional formatting, memory card crash, capturing photos on low battery, etc. can also make photos to receive deleted or lost on Sony Xperia. With the usage of Sony Photo Recovery Software user can retrieve his or her deleted or lost photos in the quick time.

Attractive Features of Sony Photo Recovery Software:

Sony Photo Recovery Software is usually a popularly used utility to extract lost or deleted pictures on Sony Xperia without difficulty. It has an ability to recover lost picture platforms like JPEG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, and so on. By using this utility, user can recover dropped or deleted images through external hdd, flash hard drives and iPods. This prominent tool incorporates a capability to get returning lost or deleted pictures from various brands of mobile device for instance Samsung, HTC, LG, Karbonn, Micromax or anything else. It also allows person to sort recovered photos by name, date, size and also file location. By using demo version of the software, user can survey the restored photos previous to storing into any wanted location. If you are delighted by demo mode then you can certainly buy full version and reveal it in Major Windows Main system. If your photos dropped from Windows 8 then by using this software you can recover it easily. To find out more, follow this website link: