How to Recover Deleted Photos from XD Card

“I have a XD card that I use for my camera that is not showing any data on it. It has over 200 photos saved in its memory and none of those are visible when I connect it to my computer or camera. Is there something that’s gone wrong with my XD card? If yes, how can I recover photos from XD card in the safest possible way?”

It looks like your XD card is corrupted and is the primary reason why the photos aren’t showing up. You can however perform a corrupted XD card recovery by employing a XD card recovery software shown here for your Mac as well as Windows OS. This software can recover photos from corrupted XD card in the safest possible way regardless of what caused the XD card to get corrupt.

XD cards are widely used in older digital cameras to save photos clicked on it. They save photos of all types and sizes and are available with different storage sizes. However, due to various uncertainties the photos might go missing from your XD card. This can be disastrous if you had no backup copy for the lost photos but however, you can still manage to get back all of your lost photos from a XD card with the help of the above available XD card recovery software.

Causes for Photo Loss from XD Cards:

  • Abrupt removal of XD card from the camera when it’s under use.
  • Interrupting any photo transfer to or from the XD card.
  • Using the XD card on various devices can corrupt the XD card data or cause viruses to delete files off it.
  • Accidental format/deletion of photos from the XD card.

However, you need to make sure that the XD card should never be used after the data loss. by doing so, you don’t write new data onto the XD card thus the previous data still remains intact which can be recovered with the help of a recovery software. By using the card, you overwrite the previous data making it impossible to recover back your data again.

Features of this XD Card Recovery Software:

  • Recovers photos of all types such as JPEG, NEF, PEF, CRW, CR2 and so on.
  • Comes with a simple user interface making it quite an easy and efficient task to recover photos from XD card.
  • Has the most powerful XD card recovery algorithm that has the potential to recover each and every photo from the XD card regardless of what caused the file loss.
  • Lets you preview the recovered photos before saving the same to a safe folder of your choice.
  • Supports XD cards of all types and brands.

How to Recover Data from Flash Drive without Formatting

“I have a flash drive that’s saying me to format it before I can use it. I have countless number of files that are saved on it and I have no backup for this data. I don’t want to lose this data from my drive so is there anything I can do to rescue these files from my flash drive before I can format my drive?”

You can certainly recover back all the files from your flash drive that’s asking you to format it before use. It only requires you to make use of a recovery application that can scan and retrieve all files from a flash drive just like this. The recovery application used in this tutorial is also the most recommended for flash drive recovery and is certified for Windows as well as Mac OS use.

Flash drives are preferred by almost everyone to carry user files on them. They come in affordable prices and let you save enormous number of files on them. They support to save files of all types and sizes but on large basis media files dominate the flash drives. Uncertainties on the other hand cause you to lose precious files off your drive and this might cause you to frustrate a lot if you don’t carry a backup for the lost data. One such uncertainty that might arise unexpectedly is the ‘format your drive before use’ error. However, you can get back all the data from a flash drive when it asks you to format it by making use of a flash drive recovery software on your system. You don’t have to format your drive but rather make use of the software available at the above link and get all the data off the drive. The retrieved data is then saved to a safe folder other than the drive from which it was just recovered from, thus making sure you have all your data back once again.

Features of this Flash Drive Recovery Software:

  • Comes with a fast and powerful recovery algorithm that has the potential to scan and retrieve each and every file from your flash drive.
  • Features an interface that requires a few mouse clicks and is easy to use at the same time.
  • Saves the recovered files from a flash drive to a safe folder.
  • Let’s you to have a preview of the recovered files even before they’re saved to a folder.
  • Is compatible on all versions of Windows as well as on Mac OS.


Sony Card Recovery

Hi there, I am using Sony card to store captured graphics and recorded videos on digital camera. Yesterday, I decided to advance photos and videos to system in-order to produce some free space on my digital camera. While performing this action, I unknowingly removed Sony card from digital camera, which caused me to get rid of some precious photos from my digital camera Sony card. Now all I wish to know; is there any possible solution to retrieve my lost photos or other media documents? If yes, then remember to help me effectively. Cheers!

Well! Don’t worry by using Sony Recovery Software you can effectively restore your erased or lost files back in just a matter of their time.

About Sony Card:

Sony Card is a mini storage device that can be used on digital cameras, Sony mobile phone devices, VAIO laptops and video cameras to store and backup important files for example audios, videos, documents, software and presentations etc. In addition, it can be attached to system via USB as well as data cable and files can be transferred very quickly.

Sony card consists of numerous advantages but still you will find there’s possibility for data to have deleted or lost from Sony card due to abrupt termination of Sony SD card while transferring files, Sony card crash, accidental deletion, computer virus infection, formatting, etc. However luckily, there is a utility called Sony Card Recovery by that you can recover deleted or lost files quickly.

How Files can get deleted or lost from Sony Card?

Anti-Virus Utility: If your system is usually protected with anti-virus tool, it will start scanning automatically once SD card is connected to system. After the scanning process is over, it might delete your imperative file folders due to result of hazardous computer virus attack.

Abrupt Switch-Off: While capturing photos as well as recording videos from Smartphone’s \ digital camera enclosing Sony memory cards, if those gadgets gets abruptly switch-off due to low battery or many unforeseen logical glitches then may be possibility of photos as well as videos loss.

These are some widespread scenarios for data to have deleted or lost from Sony card. But by using Sony Card Recovery Software program user can rescue erased or lost data from Sony card quickly.

Attractive Features of Sony Card Recovery Software:

  • This is a prominent tool to restore your deleted or lost files for example audio, videos, documents, software and documents from Sony cards based devices.
  • It allows user to recoup files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HSFX, HFS+ drives.
  • This tool has a chance to recover lost image formats such as JPEG, JPG, BMP, PSD and ARW. If your ARW documents got deleted or dropped from Sony card then with the help of this utility you could retrieve it effectively. To get more details about Sony ARW documents recovery, go to:
  • As soon as your data is retrieved “Find” menu on this tool helps user to discover a particular data by date, modified date, record name and size.
  • This software can be installed and utilized nicely in Major Windows and Mac Operating-system.