Learn Nine Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers Online

Protect_Yourself_from_Online_HackersEveryone is aware of the internet hacking and now without wasting any time we are going to discuss about the nine ways to protect yourself from hackers.

  1. Make your password harder to hack

To make the password harder you need to include lower case and upper case letters, special characters and numbers. At least you need to keep 8 characters in length. You should not keep any family numbers.

  1. Change your password regularly

To safe all your account or the PC you should change the password regularly. Also many will keep the same password in multiple accounts. So it makes the hackers to hack all accounts of same password.

  1. Clear your browser history

After browsing or downloading anything of the browser the first thing you need to do is clearing the history, because the hackers can know about the information you have collected or sent.

  1. Do not use free Wi-Fi

Nowadays in the public places there is availability of free Wi-Fi to access Internet. In such free Wi-Fi there will be no need of password and you can use for free. But the negative point is that there are chances of hacking. So avoid using free Wi-Fi as much as possible.

  1. Use HTTPS

HTTPS stands for “hyper text transfer protocol secure”. It is same as HTTP but it contains one special security layer. So always prefer to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  1. Watch what you click

Mostly when you download the attachments from the email, they look like any important file, but actually it will be a virus file. This is the most popular way of hacking the data of your computer and it is called as phishing. So you need to be careful to download any attached file.

  1. Try not to use public computers

The main source of hacking your information is from the public computer. If by mistake you left some personal data on the public computer than there are more chances of others to steal your data. So always try to avoid using public computers.

  1. Use anti-virus protection

In the current scenario attack of virus is abundant and you need to protect your system from the virus if you don’t be careful then virus may get enter your computer. So you have to make use of any reliable anti-virus software in order to protect your computer.

  1. Be careful while using thumb drive

One of the main reasons in spreading the virus is from flash drive, because these drives are used across many computes. If one computer is attacked by the virus and if you insert the flash drive by then the virus will enter in the thumb drives and follows to rest of the computers in which this drive is inserted.

Brief About 802.11ac

The first thing you probably see when you buy a new router is, the denotation of “802.11 (something)”, no matter which model you eventually go with. You want to pay attention is the letter that follows after 802.11, without getting too deep with the technical details. This signifies the maximum speed and the generation of the router, transmit or receive between base station and other wireless devices can be hoped.

802-11ac-wifiIn this handy guide, you can read all about what this mean, but in this we only be walking about two i.e. 802.11n and 802.11ac. Most routers made within five years will support 802.11n, up to 450Mbits/s or 56Mbps can be transferred at its peak.

In carefully controlled lab settings, the maximum point of the technology can be achieved, To run multiple Netflix streams or gaming sessions, it’s still plenty fast enough for the average household at a time without noticing a slowdown.

On the other hand 802.11ac is a bit newer and it has only been approved by IEEE for consumers in 2014. This is capable of mixing out at whopping 1.3Gbits per second theoretically, when compared with other common 802.11n routers the performance of the 802.11ac is doable. Opposed to 802.11n, 802.11ac can transmit over the 5 GHz spectrum and it is important to note that.

For the consumer market 802.11ac was only approved, so the process of flooding the shelves down has just begun by the router manufacturers at your local Best Buy with wireless networking hubs.

Simply look at the name of the model in order that a router is ac-ready and if you want learn everything, then you needs to know about what kind of power and straight of the box you should expect. All routers featuring 802.11 will have an “ac” in order to stash for the time being. For an 802.11ac router you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 – $400 on average, for the users who have one or two devices at home, this is a high price.

The most current wireless devices even know how to decode its signal is the crux of buying an 802.11ac router. On the laptops or streaming devices to run the own private 4K movie, then 802.11ac will be great, over the air these devices are capable of handling much bandwidth.

Tips for Setting up Mac and Starting New Apple Computer

Apple Computer

It is important for every user to know how to set up Mac on the machine and also need to learn how to start the new Apple. Isn’t it? Yes, off course it is because we are not much familiar with the new things as it seems different during the initial time. When the same thing discussed about the Mac set up and also making use of the Apple’s computer for the first time, there are many chances that due to the guideless you may perform anything wrong which may harm the computer. So it is much better that you can know the basic steps which comes under installation of the Mac on your new Apple’s Computer so that you can avoid mistake while doing this task.

How to Create New Mac:

Now a day, Apple is coming up with the different brands due to which it becomes harder for installation on each and every device as the devices won’t require the same steps for installing Mac, but one thing you can say about the installation of Mac on your New Apple device is somehow critical to the other thing. Before starting the new computer, it requires to check up the batteries which are inside the device like Apple Magic Trackpad, Apple Wireless keyboards and Magic Mouse. Unbox your Mac and on the power supply to the new device.

Then after this, the main thing you can do is press the power button for the new start of Mac computer.  However, if you are regular users of the Apple device, then you might have know about the Set up Assistant which initially comes when you are opening your new computer for the first time. This is very useful process which involves the creations steps which takes to get the Mac to the computer and thus follow the guide followed by the process involve in this Set up, then Mac can be installed on the computer.  By completing the process on the screen of the new computer, ‘Welcome to your new Mac’ get displayed on the screen of the computer. You may get the map on the screen, select country from it.

To set up new Mac, you need Wi-Fi connection, connect the Wi-FI connection by entering credentials related to the Wi-Fi such as User name and Password. After this, transfer the files and folders to the Mac and then opt for the enabling services which offer by the Mac system for the users. Now it is time to create an Apple ID, such that whenever you want to use, just log in with the ID’s details and use the computer as well as the other services.

All about Wireless Charger for Smartphones

In the latest smartphones there is an appearance of new feature called as wireless charging. It was upgraded from Google’s Nexus 4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to Nokia’s Lumia 920. Adding of wireless charging capabilities to Apple’s iPhone 5 is also available. Magnetic induction is used in wireless chargers. This enables you to be able to place a device on a surface and have it charge automatically and a cable fiddling is not required.

wireless-charging-2811Let us see how a wireless charger works:

Since the wireless chargers allows you to charge your smartphone without fiddling with USB plugs, so these chargers are immediately appearing. You need to just place the smartphone on a wireless charger and after keeping, it will start charging. It is obvious that you must plug the wireless charger into the wall.

Since wireless charger uses magnetic induction, it is more accurate and it is describes as “inductive charging”. It uses magnetism to transmit energy and the current coming from the wall power outlet moves through the wire in to wireless charger by creating a magnetic field.

Inside the device, the magnetic field creates a current in the coil and this battery is connected to the battery and now the current charges the battery. The appropriate hardware is needed to support wireless charging and a without the appropriate coil, the device can’t charge wirelessly.

Let us learn about how to use a wireless charger today:

To use a wireless charger today you need to have a smartphone that supports the wireless charging and it requires a wireless charging mat to place a device.

Here are some popular smartphones that support wireless charging:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • HTC Droid DNA
  • Google Nexus 4
  • Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820
  • Apple iPhone 5

Except the Apple iPhone 5, all the above smartphones use the Qi standard, which is made by Powermat and it uses Powermat’s own standard.

While purchasing a wireless charger mat, you need to be careful and need to ensure that it works with your smartphone. With all certified smartphones supporting the standard wireless chargers are made to work support. Nexus 4 uses Qi standard, and is supported to work with all the Qi chargers.