Lost Data Recovery after reinstallation of Windows XP

Window XP is one of the most popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It was released on august 2001, preceded by Windows 2000 and ME. Compared to previous versions, it had more intuitive graphical user interface, improved hardware support, expanded multimedia support, good performance, etc. Therefore, it got more positive reviews and also with its efficiency and stability, Windows XP eventually proved to be more popular and widely used operating system.

However, it is also not free from issues which lead to loss of data. Consider a scenario where in you were using Windows XP desktop, suddenly blue screen appeared which showed some error messages. Though you restarted your Windows XP system many times, it was appearing again. So, you reinstalled Windows XP operating system in order to solve that problem. Anyways you solved the issue of blue screen error, but ended up in losing data present in the drives. Are you thinking on how to get back those valuable data lost after reinstallation of XP OS?  Well, do not worry. Here is the best solution under the name of laptop disk recovery software.  Laptop disk recovery is most recommended and highly rated tool by the industry experts. This software can recover lost data after reinstalling Windows XP in a simple and efficient manner without modifying your original source.

Various scenarios which causes data loss after reinstalling Windows XP:

Virus attack: If your Windows XP computer is not protected by reliable Anti-virus software, it may get infected by harmful viruses. In such case your Windows XP OS gets corrupted. Therefore, you may reinstall your Windows XP operating system in order to access the drive. But, the process of reinstalling will erase all files, installed software’s, configured settings, etc. from Windows XP system.

OS Crash: Due to some known or unknown reasons, if installed operating system gets corrupt, then you may feel the need of reinstalling the OS. Reinstallation of OS will ask you to format the drive. But, if you format the system drive without keeping data backup then it leads to data loss, because formatting erases entire data present on that drive.

Other issues: Abrupt system shutdown, improper partitioning of drives, etc. are some of the issues which may cause malfunctioning of Windows XP operating system. In order to fix it you may reinstall Windows XP operating system. If improper procedure is followed while reinstalling, it may leads to loss of data.

Whatever may be the situation for loss of data after reinstalling Windows XP, lost files can be easily recovered with the help of our highly reliable laptop disk recovery tool. However, you can avoid loss of files after reinstalling Windows XP by taking some precautionary measures:

  • Before reinstalling Windows XP operating system, copy all the data into other storage device.
  • Avoid using system hard drive once you have encountered data loss as it may overwrite the lost data of Windows XP disk.
  • Always preserve essential data in other storage devices.

Features of Laptop Disk Recovery Software:

Laptop disk recovery tool is reliable and robust data recovery software that helps you out to retrieve all types of lost or deleted data such as documents, audios and videos of more than 300 file formats from your laptop or computer hard drive after reinstalling Windows XP operating system. It also has the ability to recover lost data even from partitioned or repartioned hard drives. This laptop disk restoration utility supports recovery of lost data from different types of file systems such as FAT 16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT after reinstalling XP. This application is not only capable of recovering lost data from reinstalled Windows XP drive, but its compatible to restore data on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. In addition to HDD, the software also allows you to retrieve files from other storage devices like memory cards, USB flash drives and external hard drives, etc.

Laptop disk recovery program can also be used in restoring lost data after reinstalling Mac operating systems like Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, Mountain lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. This restoration utility provides free demo version that clearly explains step by step procedure to rescue lost data from Windows XP operating system after reinstallation, formatting, corruption, deletion, etc. You can even preview the recovered files and sort them according to their name, date, size and file type. If you are satisfied by the efficiency of demo version you can purchase the licensed version and save restored data on desired destination.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

hard-disk-internal-picture1“My brother mistakenly formatted my hard drive which contains a lot of crucial files. Unfortunately, I don’t have any backup of these missing files and also I don’t know how to recover data from formatted hard disk drive. Can anybody suggest me a solution to restore lost data?

Don’t be panic! This is a common mistake but you can recover your important data easily from formatted hard drive with the help of proficient data recovery software. By reading this article you will know, what is formatting, how to recover formatted hard drive data and common reasons for hard disk formatting are

What is formatting?

Formatting means creating a new file system for a storage device (hard disk, flash disk, USB flash drives) to read and write data. Once you format the disk, operating system assigns new file system to that storage disk, it will test the disk to make sure that all sectors are readable or not, it will mark bad sectors present on the disk and create address table to locate information. In such way, your storage device gets ready to save data as it was in initial stage. In simple words, you left with an empty hard disk drive after formatting it.

How data recovery takes place after formatting the hard drive?

Formatting the disk does not erase data on the hard drive, only the address pointers in the file allocation table are deleted. The data remains same on the hard disk itself. Recover Hard Drive Data software is developed by using special algorithms and built in programs to scan the disk sector by sector for recovering data from formatted hard disk drive. To explore more about data recovery from hard drive, you can visit following link:  recover-harddrivedata.com

Common Reasons for formatting hard drive

MBR corruption: MBR can be corrupted by a drive failure, virus infection and MBR overwriting. It may block your computer from booting. You may format the hard disk when MBR error is created and your system is unable to boot.

Accidental Formatting: While re- installing the operating system you may format the hard drive without taking any backup.  You may accidentally format a partition drive instead of formatting another one.

Format Error: When you connect your external hard disk to the computer, it may throw format error asking you to format the disk. In case you have experienced the same and don’t know how to restore lost / formatted data from external hard drive, simply make use of the software.

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are little clusters of data on your hard drive that cannot be read. Data stored in these bad sectors are not accessible, so you may format your hard drive.

File System Corruption: A file system on the hard drive gets corrupted because of power outages, improper shutdown, ejecting the external hard drives during read / write operation. A corrupted file system can cause data inaccessibility after that you may proceed to format the disk.

Best Features of Recover Hard Drive Data Software

  • This software uses powerful methods to scan and recover formatted hard drive data. It can retrieve data from different hard drive types such as SATA / SCSI / IDE. It is also capable to restore data from formatted SD, xD, SDHC, microSD and other type flash memory cards, flash drives, iPods, etc.
  • This application helps you to recover data even when hard disk drive is not booted or crashed. It can get back data from deleted or inaccessible partitions. Also it helps you in recovering data after partitioning errors.
  • This tool has ability to recover files with Alternate Data Streams (ADS) attribute from a NTFS drive. Recovery of files from NTFS formatted drives is possible with the help of this application.
  • It can also get back files deleted by shift + delete key combination or emptied from Recycle Bin or deleted from command prompt.
  • More than 300 file types can be recovered with the help of this software. It includes Word documents music files, spreadsheets, zip archives, and other important file types.
  • This tool provides you “Save Recovery Session” option, using that you can avoid rescanning your hard disk drive and resume the saving process anytime.
  • This software offers preview option which helps you to preview recovered data before restoring it.
  • You can view recovered files on the basis of file extension by using “File Type View” option and if you want to view files and folders in hierarchical format, then you can use “Data View” option.
  • This software comes with in-built file compression tool that helps you in saving disk space by creating compressed zip archives of recovered files and folders.

Tips for avoiding data loss

  • Implement backup solution and store important data in another storage device.
  • You should not abruptly eject the external hard drives while the drive undergoes any process.
  • While formatting a drive, you may format another drive mistakenly. So cross check the drive before hitting the format button on your computer.

Best Way to Restore Files after Format Computer

Computers are used around the world in each field just like banking sectors, medical area, educational field and many others. There are numerous usages of computer, one of the important uses is, computers are used to store large amount of data in together. You can store all variety of file formats including audio tracks, video files, spreadsheets, textual content documents, PDF files and many more. People use to keep data in computer when considering safety and security.

Formatting of computer or hard disk is the most typical process which users tend to overcome consequences of virus impact or any issues like corruption of operating system. But formatting the hard drive will erase all the program files in addition to user files and you may lose all your data from hard drive. The easy and simple approach to get back your data files after format of PC is keep backup connected with data. Whenever you lose files as a result of formatting or any different reason, using this backup it is possible to restore all your deleted files effortlessly.

Imagine, you have applied format command on hard drive without taking proper backup on the files, what will you are doing now? How can you bring back important data from hard drive? Here is the best software that you can use in this situation, Computer Data Recovery software. With the help of this particular software, you will come to know how to restore files after formatting computer.

There are many situations which lead users to format your computer. Here are few a few circumstances-

  •  Unintentional formatting of partition- During some situations, you connect external HDD, intend to format it, however by mistake you select wrong hard drive and applied format command. Such an awful mistake results in severe data loss circumstances.
  •  Formation during OS re-installation- When you want to re-install operating system so as to upgrade the version, while in process if you receive any interruption then hard disk gets corrupt and it finds inaccessible. In order to make it accessible you’ll want to format hard drive, this may delete all your files from hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: In addition to above scenarios, there are numerous other circumstances which reasons data loss from computer hard such as virus impact, formation of RAW file system in hard drive, abrupt shut down connected with system, etc.

Whatever may trigger formatting hard disk and loss in your files, make use of Computer Data Recovery software and restore your data within few clicks with mouse.

Features of Laptop or computer Data Recovery software-

This ultimate software comes with an ability to restore files from hard disk interfaces like ATA, PATA, SATA, SCSI, IDE, for example. It can recover files from almost popular brands of hard disks such as Dell, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, Sony, SanDisk, and Toshiba the like. It is able to restore files from file system such as FAT 16, FAT 33, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT for example. You can use Computer Data Recovery tool along with Windows OS versions just like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista versions. Along with Windows OS you can even use it with Mac pc OS X versions just like Maverick, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, in addition to Mountain Lion etc.

Data Loss Because of Formatted Hard Drive Partition

Whenever users format the hard disk partition, it becomes more annoying for the user to tackle the issues. In case of saving files on computer hard drive in well manner takes place when users create partition on computer hard drive. Creation of partition on hard drive is the best way to keep files in proper way. But some situations arise when users face huge data loss problem on their hard drive. For example, if you are trying to manage your computer data and while doing that, accidentally you have formatted you hard disk. As you go for the drive format option, it will delete all your saved files on that computer hard drive partition.

As files get deleted from computer hard drive, it is very much required to solve the problem as early as possible. And to do so, you just need an extraordinary tool, which will recover these data very fast. The most convenient way to avoid data loss on computer hard drive is to keep back up data. If you create proper backup for your data, then only you can avoid the chances of data loss. But for now you need the recovery software immediately as you have already formatted the hard disk partition.

As the computer hard disk is the main storage device for anyone. So all sort of files get stored on it like photos, videos, or music files or any personal documents or data. As you lost your files, you think they are just lost forever. But the real fact is those files are present on same computer drive but they are just invisible. To get them addressed for the users, it is required to recover them. So to recover formatted hard disk partition, immediately appoint file recovery software such as Remo Recover. This is outstanding software, which restores lost data within very less time span. Have a look here,

In some unexpected scenarios, users need to format the computer drive. These situations usually arise in the situation if the computer hard disk has got corrupted. Or someone has formatted the same partition by mistake. In some cases it may also takes place that any harmful virus attacks your computer drive and sometimes they are also responsible for hard drive partition deletion. After partition loss on computer hard drive, use the software mentioned here to get back your lost data from the partitions. First the software detects the deleted partition on computer and restores all data from that particular partition. To continue the recovery process, first install the software on your computer and then follow the steps as mentioned in the software. In this way, you will get your healthy files.

Recover Files from Un-Formatted Hard Drive

“Drive not formatted, want to format now?” if you are the regular computer user then it will never rare for you to be in such predicament for some reasons. It may be due to viruses or just the power failure which causes this issue. And the direct result is that you are unable to access the drive. And once if you click on yes option to format the drive, all your precious files will be formatted and lost. Are you struck up with this kind of issue and looking for the solution on how to recover data? Don’t worry, this post provides you with the ultimate solution on recovery of files from not formatted error with ease.

How can you recover files from drive not formatted warning message? As you aren’t able to access hard drive when they have not formatted error message, you have to prefer reliable third party recovery software to get rid from this issue. Hard drive recovery program is regarded as the most powerful toolkit that helps in executing hard disk not formatted file recovery without any difficulty. This wizard supports to restore files from different format errors and works with accurate success rate. You can use this hard drive recovery tool to restore of videos, docs, photos and lots of other data.

Below mentioned are some of the causes where you loss data from hard drive due to drive not formatted error message

  • Incompatibilities between the device and the OS
  • File system gets corrupted on logical drives and leads to execute format error
  • Power failure while transferring files from hard drive to other storage device
  • Hardware malfunction or due to any software conflicts
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record causes drive not format error which leads to loss of files stored on it
  • It would be the drive that’s not organized for use with the operating system
  • Hard drive corrupted from dangerous malwares then it throws drive not formatted error messages

As soon as you encounter warning error message like “drive not formatted, do you wish to format now?” you must not format the actual inaccessible hard drive. This is because it will probably complicate the method of file recovery from RAW hard drive. And do not try to perform read or write operations on the hard drive as freshly added files will start to overwrite the actual RAW data. This may causes permanent loss of files in case you continue to perform all the above mentioned things.

More about hard drive recovery toolkit

Hard drive recovery utility is developed with advanced algorithm that rigorously scans the entire drive to restore all the files which are lost due to the occurrence of drive not formatted error. This program is highly compatible with all major Windows Operating System and Mac operating systems. This toolkit is quick enough to recover data from disks facing format errors in just couple of minutes. Go through this page- www.drivenotformatted.com/ to gain more details on recovery of files from drives facing format errors with ease. This application supports recovery of files from different file system including NTFS5, FAT16, NTFS, FAT32 and ExFAT.

Smarter way to Rescue Data from RAW Drive/Partition

Are you looking to recover data from RAW drive / partition on Windows OS based computers? Then you must step ahead, sometimes due to some unexpected reasons hard drive or partition could throw an error message saying to format the drive or sometimes unusual messages might be popped up. In such situation hard drive or partition of your Windows system might show that it contains 0 bytes of data, the main reason behind it is that the drive / partition might be turned into RAW state as a result of this you could be completely unable to access the data. In this convoluted situation some users could format the drive, in case if that RAW drive composes of any crucial files then it will be an irresistible condition. If you are in such situation you must not to worry about it, recently industry experts have designed RAW drive recovery software; this tool is mainly intended to rescue data from RAW drive. This app is user-friendly and has the capacity to recover RAW drive in Windows 7. We will have a deep discussion on this tool and how it is efficient to recover data from RAW or formatted hard drives/partitions.

Now, it’s time to discuss how the Windows OS based computer’s drives or partitions, the major cause for drive or partition or it might be any external data storage device to become RAW is its file system corruption. Once the file system gets damaged or corrupted then the drive automatically turns into RAW state due to that computer system could not identify the drive and hence you could be unable to access data. Even though you attempt to access data, but some abnormal error messages won’t allow you. So file system of the hard drive/partition could be corrupted or damaged due to master boot record corruption, severe virus attack, improper file system conversion while partitioning, corruption in partition table, OS crash and sudden interruptions while performing read or write operation etc.

You have to obtain this RAW drive recovery software; it thoroughly scans the entire drive and then recovers complete data in couple of mouse clicks. In case if you have formatted the drive / partition due to this issue then this tool easily unformats the complete drive and then restores every file. It supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista etc. For more detail check this page http://www.recoverrawpartition.com/. It has the potential to recover data from formatted as well as RAW drives and partitions. It is user friendly and every step of recovery process is explained with detailed screen shots so that even a novice user can easily rescue his data easily. It provides a single platform to overcome different data loss scenarios and then retrieves various types of files having any file extension. Once the recovery process is completed then you can just preview the retrieved files using data type or file type view options. Moreover, you can save the scan session using Save Recovery Session option. In case you wish to evaluate the results then you can opt the trial version that is available freely, using this trail version you can come to know this tool works but to save the files you must switch to complete version of this software.

Simple Way to Recover Laptop Data

Are you worried how to get back lost data from Toshiba laptop? No put all your worries away, here is the best laptop data recovery software i.e. Toshiba data recovery app. This application is built and promoted by experts in order to overcome data loss situations. It is recently launched with modern attributes to achieve data recovery from Toshiba laptops of various series. You can also recover data from other brands of laptops such as Acer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba etc. This tool is specially designed to retrieve data that is lost due to following scenarios.

  • Virus invasion: Virus the main issue that takes main role in Toshiba laptop data loss. Usually the virus penetrates while moving or downloading files from unsecured internet connection. Once the virus enters then it could play big role to corrupt the files or complete hard drive. Once the corruption occurs then you could be incapable to access the data. In this inaccessibility you could format the hard drive to access it but you will lose all files from it.
  • Human mistakes and external factors: Some human mistakes like accidental deletion of files rather than deleting unwanted files, unintentional formatting of the drive, partition deletion etc. Some external factors like installed application malfunction, OS crash due to file system corruption, catalog corruption, hard drive fails to boot etc. will be the most common reasons to lose data from it.

Apart from above discussed situations there are still many unpredictable data loss scenarios. In order to beat all sorts of data loss this Toshiba data recovery tool is the best solution. It is developed with recovery algorithms to triumph over all types of data loss cases. Once the tool scans the corrupted or formatted Toshiba laptop’s hard drive then the complete files will be detected  Each and every file will be restored whether it is lost due to deletion or due to formatting of the drive. It can recover the files cleared from Recycle Bin or Trash in short span of time.

This tool is capable enough to recover the files having different file formats on all Windows and Mac OS versions. It can retrieve data from Toshiba laptops as well as from any external data storage devices. You need to install this app on healthier drive of your Toshiba laptop and then execute recovery of deleted or lost files by selecting preferred drive of your Toshiba laptop or any other brands laptop as this tool doesn’t   have any support issues. It has capability to bring back hard drive’s data that is deleted or lost from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted drives or partitions. You can also evaluate the results using the demo version of this software; just follow the simple user steps explained by screen shots. Select the drive and then make use of this tool, all recovered files can be previewed in simple steps. These recovered files can be saved only after purchasing the complete version of this app. Visit this page also to get more information

How to recovery of data from formatted drive without any difficulty?

It is a nightmare scenario in which you unintentionally format your hard drive which consists of all your valuable data; this happens commonly if you have many drives attached to your computer. Fortunately the data is not permanently deleted by accidental formatted drive; just the pointers to the data will be wiped off. Therefore you can recover data from formatted drive without any difficulty by using Format recovery software which is specially designed for this purpose.

How can we recover data from formatted drive?

When data is stored on the hard drive it is saved on the available or free space of the drive, then these space are marked as used and the relating information of this space is stored on the header of the hard drive where that data can be found. When a drive formatted then the header information of that drive is deleted which containing that data that are marked as available. However the important thing is that the original data is still present on the hard drive. Therefore you can recover data from the formatted drive.

Sometimes you’re hard drive becomes in accessible due to corruption of hard drive caused by virus infection, which results in loss of valuable data. In times like this you may be frustrated and want to get back the data at any cost. Then do not worry here you will find perfect solution to your problem i.e. Data Recovery tool which can easily retrieve data from the drive which are formatted.

In case you may need to format the drive then take proper backup of the important files, before start formatting because once you format the drive then you can’t access your data and you may face huge loss of data. And also avoid using of the hard drive after formatting, if you intend to recover data from formatted drive because if you use the drive after formatting then there are chances for overwriting of data on the drive which leads to permanent deletion of data and you can never recover that data.

There are situations like OS crash, file system corruption, header corruption, MBR corruption and more which leads to formatting of hard drive, thus leading to data loss. In all this scenarios you can make use of our reliable software to restore data from formatted drive.

Beneficial features of this software:

  • You can perform data recovery from formatted drive using this excellent tool in just few minutes.
  • It can detect up to 280 file signatures and also you can add your own signatures that are not present in the list.
  • This utility is well programmed to unformat storage devices on Windows operating system versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and Mac based systems like Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.
  • This application wizard is easy to use that you do not need have any technical knowledge.
  • Using this tool you can recover pictures,documents, video files and more from formatted hard drives.
  • You can recover data from formatted hard drive brands like Seagate, Toshiba and more.

Amicable Tool to Recover Formatted SSD Drive

Computers memory or storing place is commonly known by the name Hard disk. Solid State Device (SSD) is one of the most used hard disk on the computer to stores all type of data. It is known for its high accessibility quality, resistance to harmful electrical shocks, reliable and large data handling capacity.

Sometimes you may need to format this SSD drive of your PC for the purpose to erase unwanted and unused data from the particular partition of your hard disk. While formatting this unwanted data on your system, you may sometime accidentally format some other logical drive and may wish a way to get that formatted partition data back. In this scenario you can use SSD data recovery software to get back the entire formatted data on your system. It is trustable and reliable software that will surely restore all the formatted data, partitions and files in some few clicks.

Term computer refers to a new era, in which people are able to get their hours of work accomplished in just few seconds or minutes. Previously each and every documentation work was done manually involving hours of patience and hard works to sit at a place and do their task with all concentration.

But now this is no more the situation in present world, you can send, receive; prepare a huge size file in few minutes or seconds. With the advancement in technology many new application has been developed since the invention of the computer for the simplicity of task and reduce human efforts. Now you can store your all documents, your entertaining stuff like songs, movies, videos, etc at one single place that is your laptop or desktop.

A laptop or desktop will store all the data whatever is entered on its memory usually referred by the term Hard disk. SSD hard drives is one such storing drives which is mostly preferred by the computer users to store their important files and folders. All the files, folders stored on these drives can get deleted or lost due to accidental formatting, virus attack, file system corruption, etc. To deal with all such situation you will have to employ an efficient tool that could recuperate all the formatted data on SSD disk. SSD data recovery software is the globally used tool for the revitalization of the SSD data.

Some Important Features of the Tool

  • Our software has got powerful disk scanning algorithms that will scan your whole of the formatted SSD drive in few seconds. And will represent all recovered file and data on your formatted drive
  • After scanning the formatted SSD drive, the tool will also allow you to preview the recovered files so that you make a choice of the files that you wanted back. It will display the file type view and data type view of the salvaged data and files, and you can select the files of your choice that you wanted to have back.
  • Recover formatted SSD drive tool is able to retrieve all type of media files like image files, MOV files, AVI files, etc.


Best software to recover data from hard drive

In this computer world, the people work with lot of files in their day to day life. These files could include excel files, PowerPoint presentations, word documents and media files. The real problem occurs when you touch a simple button accidentally, where all these files become lost or useless. When it happens to you, you might forget about deleted or lost files forever. Actually you need not to worry about lost since you have the best hard drive recovery software. It enables you to find deleted or lost data from the hard drive.

There are lots of reasons which may results in loss of data from hard drive. It may happen due to unexpected events on your computer. Sometimes your computer may suddenly stops working due to software errors and it will be turned abruptly. Later when you restart the computer, you may not get some of the stored documents on your hard drive. Some important files might be missing from your computer. In such cases, you can bring back lost data by using hard drive recovery software.

There have been also other reasons like software malfunction, virus attack, file system corruption, etc. The external hard drive may also get corrupt due to improper ejection or power failure while transferring files to the computer. If you have removed external drive abruptly while file transfer process is going on, then it may affect on logical structure of the drive and it becomes inaccessible to user. Under these situations, you can use best damaged hard drive recovery software and get back all los data.

There are also many situations where the files may get deleted permanently from your computer. The files that are deleted by using “Shift + Delete” key will not move to the Recycle Bin. Also the files deleted from the removable drives bypass the Recycle Bin. Still you have the opportunity to restore these files by using hard drive recovery software. You can also use removable drive recovery software to retrieve all deleted files from external storage devices.

It is also very necessary to follow some precautionary measures, which makes possible to recover files successfully. When you realize the loss of data from your hard drive, immediately stop using it because there are chances to be overwritten. Do not perform any task on drive like formatting, re-partitioning, defragmentation, etc. The chances of data recovery is depends on how soon you act to recover files after the loss of data.

Hard drive recovery software can restore deleted or lost data within a few minutes. One can also use this software to recover data from deleted or inaccessible partitions. It can help you to access files from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions, which may be formatted or deleted.  It can easily identify all types of based on signatures, names, size, etc. It lets you to add the file types that you want to recover from the drive. This software can also retrieve deleted Zip archive folders. It is compatible with different types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. This tool is also supportive towards data recovery from flash memory cards, pen drive, FireWire drives, etc.

You can estimate data recovery by using free demo version of this software. You can execute demo version of the software on your computer and get the preview of recovered files. You can view all recovered files based on their signatures by using “File Type View” option. If you have satisfied with this result, then activate the product and save all recovered files.