Download Software to Recover Windows Data

Computerized information misfortune can happen from a capacity media, and the information misfortune for the most part happens without a notice. Loss of an essential record or a classified archive is the most exceedingly bad dream a customary PC client can have. Loss of such critical information could mean genuine disturbance in everyday business exercises.


Some various reasons behind the deletion of files or data from the Windows are as follows:

  • The document is incidentally erased and the Recycle Bin is discharged making the record out of reach.
  • Organizing of the capacity media bringing about cancellation of the considerable number of information accessible on the hard drive.
  • Defilement of the framework records bringing about loss of documents.
  • Infection assaults and Malware making the record vanish from your PC.
  • While transferring the data from Windows system to other, the sudden interruption or any power loss scenario occurs

Key features of Windows data recovery software:

  • Recovers lost documents and organizers
  • Retrieves the information lost because of MBR, boot part or File Allocation Table Error and unplanned erasure
  • Recovers erased or harmed allotments.
  • Recovers information lost because of infection assault
  • Provides full support of log names of the documents
  • Recovers of information from erased, organized, and re-designed parcels.
  • Live Update accessible for the product apparatus, to ensure that you have the most recent rendition of the product at all circumstances
  • Fully backings to IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA, PAN, ZIP and USB drives
  • Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 document frameworks to recoup information

How does Windows File recovery software works?

  • Initially download and install the Windows file recovery software on your Operating system.
  • Launch the software, after successful installation of recovery toolkit.
  • This software easily supports to recover the deleted/lost/formatted data from Windows in a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Later, select Recover files option from main screen window and choose either Recover delete files or Recover lost files option, based on the scenario encountered and click on next option to proceed further.
  • Scanning process to recover the deleted files from Windows will be performed.
  • In order to save the restored data, purchase the software.

The recovery of data from Windows works absolutely fine on all versions of Windows including the latest 10. 8, 7, XP and Vista as well as on different Mac volumes.

Deleted File Recovery from Recycle Bin

full_recycle_binMicrosoft Windows provides a feature to their users that is Recycle Bin. It is basically a folder that contains files and folders which has been deleted by users. Recycle Bin is extremely useful because it prevents permanent data deletion from the system. After deleting a file from the system, it goes to the Recycle Bin folder. So, in future if that particular delete file or folder is required, then you can easily restore it to the device around the desired location. But the problem comes when you delete a file from Recycle Bin or empty the recycle bin folder by using right click option. Once a file deleted from recycle bin folder, then it goes permanently.

Do you want to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin folder? Have you ever emptied your Recycle Bin Folder? Are you looking a solution for restoring deleted files from Recycle Bin? If yes, then read my this full post to get back your data easily. A lot of people think that file recovery after deleting from Recycle bin is not possible. But it is possible because when you delete files from Recycle Bin, then it has permanently gone from users view, but actually exists there, just the reference point of that information being erased while file are still present in the memory.

Let us talk about some most common causes which may lead to file deletion from Recycle Bin folder:

  • Using shift + delete button combination frequently will skip the file from Recycle Bin and cause permanent file deletion from the system.
  • Sometimes, it causes because of human mistake, which can be willed or unwillingly deletion of files from Recycle Bin.
  • While using system, unexpected system shutdown, or at the time of saving the data /file/ folder sudden system crash.
  • File contained in Recycle Bin could get deleted, when the size of it get Recycle Bin folder increased or decreased.
  • Formatting will also erase all your data from Recycle Bin.
  • If the size of a particular file is more then the allocated size of recycle bin folder, then it delete permanently and bypass the recycle bin.

Whatever can be a reason, you can easily recover deleted files from recycle bin by utilizing Recycle Bin Recovery application. This recovery tool supports all the versions of Windows operating system including Win XP, Win Vista, Win 8, Win 7 etc. You can make use of trial version of this software to recover deleted files from recycle bin and check its performance and capability. If you find the software had done with the recovery as per you need, then you can download its full version.

There are some important point that you should remember at the time of deletion a file from recycle bin or empty recycle bin folder in order to avoid file deletion issue such as:

  • Avoid while using key combination like shift+ delete for deleting files.
  • Always keep checking for that power supply and do change it out if you learn a bit of risk.
  • Use updated anti viruses so as to save from virus infections.
  • Create a strong back up to keep the regularity of data.

Recovering Data from Sony Micro Vault USB 3.0

“I have a Sony Micro Vault flash drive from which all my files have gone missing out of the blue. It had close to 8GB files and I have no backup for the lost data as well. So, is there a way to get back the missing files from my flash drive in the easiest possible way?”

Yes, you can effortlessly recover back all your data from your Sony Micro Vault flash drive with the help of a Sony flash drive recovery software that is shown here. With this software, you can get back all your photos, videos, songs and other files which you might have either deleted or lost from your Sony flash drive.

Sony Micro Vault is the new generation USB 3.0 flash drive that supports high speed data read/write. It lets you write data onto it at incredible speeds and at the same time they’re vulnerable to data loss as well. Data saved on any flash drive is vulnerable let alone USB 3.0 flash drives. So, it’s always advised to carry a backup for all your data that is saved on your flash drive.

Nevertheless, you can still manage to get all your data back from your Sony Micro Vault by making use of a Sony flash drive recovery software that is shown at the above link. This software is also the most recommended Sony flash drive recovery software that is widely being used to recover deleted files from Sony memory stick, recover photos from flash drive, recover lost data from pen drive and so on. It comes with the moat powerful recovery algorithm that is capable of recovering deleted files from flash drive in the safest and most efficient manner.

Causes for Data Loss from Flash Drives:

  • By abruptly removing the flash drive from its USB port, there is a high chance that the files may go missing from your drive. It’s always recommended to click on the ‘Eject Mass Storage Device’ before removing the flash drive.
  • By interrupting any file transfer to or from the flash drive you’re likely to lose files off it.
  • Accidental format or deletion of files can also result in you losing files permanently off it.
  • ‘Format drive before use’ error might also force you to format your drive, thus deleting all files permanently off it.

Features of this Sony flash drive recovery software:

  • Has a powerful algorithm that can recover all your files regardless of what caused the file loss on your Sony Micro Vault flash drive
  • Is the most trusted recover software that guarantees to recover all your files in just a matter of minutes and lets you save the same to a safe folder.
  • Supports to recover deleted, lost as well as missing files from your Sony micro vault flash drive.
  • Identifies and recover file types of all formats.
  • Supports Sony flash drives of all storage sizes.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from XD Card

“I have a XD card that I use for my camera that is not showing any data on it. It has over 200 photos saved in its memory and none of those are visible when I connect it to my computer or camera. Is there something that’s gone wrong with my XD card? If yes, how can I recover photos from XD card in the safest possible way?”

It looks like your XD card is corrupted and is the primary reason why the photos aren’t showing up. You can however perform a corrupted XD card recovery by employing a XD card recovery software shown here for your Mac as well as Windows OS. This software can recover photos from corrupted XD card in the safest possible way regardless of what caused the XD card to get corrupt.

XD cards are widely used in older digital cameras to save photos clicked on it. They save photos of all types and sizes and are available with different storage sizes. However, due to various uncertainties the photos might go missing from your XD card. This can be disastrous if you had no backup copy for the lost photos but however, you can still manage to get back all of your lost photos from a XD card with the help of the above available XD card recovery software.

Causes for Photo Loss from XD Cards:

  • Abrupt removal of XD card from the camera when it’s under use.
  • Interrupting any photo transfer to or from the XD card.
  • Using the XD card on various devices can corrupt the XD card data or cause viruses to delete files off it.
  • Accidental format/deletion of photos from the XD card.

However, you need to make sure that the XD card should never be used after the data loss. by doing so, you don’t write new data onto the XD card thus the previous data still remains intact which can be recovered with the help of a recovery software. By using the card, you overwrite the previous data making it impossible to recover back your data again.

Features of this XD Card Recovery Software:

  • Recovers photos of all types such as JPEG, NEF, PEF, CRW, CR2 and so on.
  • Comes with a simple user interface making it quite an easy and efficient task to recover photos from XD card.
  • Has the most powerful XD card recovery algorithm that has the potential to recover each and every photo from the XD card regardless of what caused the file loss.
  • Lets you preview the recovered photos before saving the same to a safe folder of your choice.
  • Supports XD cards of all types and brands.

How to Recover Data from Flash Drive without Formatting

“I have a flash drive that’s saying me to format it before I can use it. I have countless number of files that are saved on it and I have no backup for this data. I don’t want to lose this data from my drive so is there anything I can do to rescue these files from my flash drive before I can format my drive?”

You can certainly recover back all the files from your flash drive that’s asking you to format it before use. It only requires you to make use of a recovery application that can scan and retrieve all files from a flash drive just like this. The recovery application used in this tutorial is also the most recommended for flash drive recovery and is certified for Windows as well as Mac OS use.

Flash drives are preferred by almost everyone to carry user files on them. They come in affordable prices and let you save enormous number of files on them. They support to save files of all types and sizes but on large basis media files dominate the flash drives. Uncertainties on the other hand cause you to lose precious files off your drive and this might cause you to frustrate a lot if you don’t carry a backup for the lost data. One such uncertainty that might arise unexpectedly is the ‘format your drive before use’ error. However, you can get back all the data from a flash drive when it asks you to format it by making use of a flash drive recovery software on your system. You don’t have to format your drive but rather make use of the software available at the above link and get all the data off the drive. The retrieved data is then saved to a safe folder other than the drive from which it was just recovered from, thus making sure you have all your data back once again.

Features of this Flash Drive Recovery Software:

  • Comes with a fast and powerful recovery algorithm that has the potential to scan and retrieve each and every file from your flash drive.
  • Features an interface that requires a few mouse clicks and is easy to use at the same time.
  • Saves the recovered files from a flash drive to a safe folder.
  • Let’s you to have a preview of the recovered files even before they’re saved to a folder.
  • Is compatible on all versions of Windows as well as on Mac OS.


Best Software Recovery of Data from SanDisk CF Card

A CF card is also referred to as Compact Flash Minute card. It is a flash memory card used mainly in portable gadgets such as mobiles and digital cameras. These CF memory cards are used to store your files like snapshot files, audio files, video files and more.

But problem arises if the data stored inside CF cards obtains lost or deleted on account of some problems. During those times, you do not understand how to proceed to recover shed file from CF memory card and get bother on lost data. Now you will not need to worry regarding it as with the help of Compact Flash retrieve software, you can potentially recover data through compact flash memory card. This software is recommended by a lot of the professionals for regaining data from CF credit card. With this software we can also perform SanDisk CF card data recovery.

Scenarios that result in loss of information from compact expensive cards

  • Accidental Removal: Accidental deletion is one of the major problem occurs when you deleting unnecessary documents i. e., if you delete the very important files unknowingly using Shift + Delete keys it might lead to data loss from the compact flash memory card.
  • Virus Infection: The file technique of CF memory card may get corrupted on account of virus attack, and as a result of this, you may loss files through CF memory cards.
  • Abrupt Removal of Memory: While using the device like phones, digital cameras and also computers, if you remove CF memory card suddenly, then it may perhaps corrupt the card and you’ll lose files from it.

Above mentioned scenarios are a number of the scenarios, there are numerous other reasons which then causes data loss from CF memory card such as formatting the CF memory card, power surge plus some unknown interruption during transferring data through CF card to other device, etc. However, for every scenario we can recover data through CF memory card through compact flash restoration software.

Compact Flash Recovery software may be built with serious scanning algorithm which allows you perform CF credit card data recovery within few clicks of the mouse. It supports restoration of data to all versions of Windows along with Mac Operating technique. This software has the capacity to recover all types of picture files (JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, PSD, etc.), audio documents (MP3, WAV, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, RA, AMR, etc.) and movie files (AVI, MP4, CONVEY, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM, etc.). It has a good in built “FIND” device that helps in locating a particular file judging by name, date, dimension and file sort. You can resume application recovery process anytime using “Save Retrieving Session” feature, and no need to rescan your CF memory card again. It contains a feature that you can preview your repaired data before fixing it. This software supports to recoup data from several brands of CF memory space cards like go beyond, SanDisk, Verbatim and also Lexar etc.

Safety measures:

  • Maintain backup associated with important data regularly to counteract from any disastrous situation.
  • Do not remove CF memory card abruptly to keep from CF memory card corruption.
  • To prevent data losses due to power failure while in transfer process take advantage of UPS for your computer.

Application to Recover Deleted Photos

I was transferring a folder that had all images from my SD card to my PC via USB cable. Half way through, the transfer process suspended and showed me an error message saying the transfer couldn’t be completed. I then checked my SD card and found that the said folder is now deleted from it and just a few photos have been copied to my PC while the remaining are nowhere to be seen.

Of course, you can retrieve the missing photos from your SD card by utilizing a recovery software. Here’s a video which shows how you can go about doing the same.

The software employed in the above video has got the potential to recover every media file from an SD card.

SD cards, the preferred choice for saving media files. They come in several storage options such as 1GB, 2GB etc up to 128GB. This lets the user save countless amounts of files on it. SD cards are exclusively employed to save media files specifically since they’re basically used with phones, camcorders, etc. SD cards however have drawbacks; they occasionally are affected by data loss which will leave the user in huge distress if he doesn’t have a backup for his data saved on his SD card. There are various reasons why the data from your SD card may go missing. Listed here are causes for the same:

  • Unintentional format may lead to permanent loss of all data from your card
  • By employing the same card on numerous devices, you increase the possibilities of it getting attacked by viruses which will then delete files from your card.
  • Physical damage is usually another major concern which can bring about permanent loss of files in the event the data on it wasn’t duplicated.

What makes this application the top SD card recovery software?

  • Incorporates the very best recovery algorithm certified as the safest algorithm for your system.
  • Recovers photos in just a few minutes and saves the files to a safe folder.
  • Identifies nearly all types of image formats like JPEG, PNG, JPG, RAWH, NEF, CRW, CR2, PEF and many others.

Retrieve Data From External Hard drive

In a very modern world, many people carry their important office or personalized data in external hard drive. This drives can be employed for storage and transfer files from one drive to another. However, sometimes while accessing some important data on your external hard drive , you may  end up receiving huge data loss because of several reasons like abruptly removing your external hard drive from system or by unknowingly format it. If this happens, you immediately connect your drive back to system and check to see if any data seen in that drive.

Unfortunately, you may unable to gain access to view or open files from your external device. This notifies you that your external device got crashed as a result of those reasons. Thus, if you are worrying how you can restore those files from crashed external hard drive. By utilizing this My Data Recovery tool you are able to retrieve all lost data.

As discussed in previous paragraph, user carries their external hard drives (Pen drive, and Memory card, Memory Stick, SD and o XD etc.) to their office or personal works. However, once you plug in and use external devices on various computer’s or laptops. This may result in improper function of that particular software and not allowing user to open and access it.

At some point, you need to transfer some stunning trip picks to your friend from your system to pen drive or memory card. During this file transfer, if immediate power failure takes place. This might cause corruption of pen drive or memory card and results in data loss.

Moreover, usage of unreliable third party software might trigger data loss caused by virus attack or software malware. For this reason, when you download and use any third party software inside your system. It may corrupt your entire system data and entire data is going to be inaccessible. In order to resolve such conflicts, you possibly can make use of My Data Recovery software.

All above reasons are routine. Besides those reasons, there is several other causes sudden unplug of external hard drive, due to bad sectors etc. Before you find this situation its best way to backup crucial computer data in some external device and utilize it. In addition, this retrieve data from crashed external hard drive software can recover data easily via different manufacturing brands like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend , HP etc. and also it enables the user to retrieve lost data from both versions of Windows and Mac OS .

Even so, it can recover files from various hard drive types such as SATA, IDE, SCSI etc. and USB flash card, FireWire drives, iPods etc. This software possesses inbuilt “Find” tool to locate lost files to its desired location on basis of their unique signature and file name, date, size, file extensions etc. and also it t retrieves all file types such as Audio (MP3, MP4, WAV, and MIDI etc.) Video (AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG and MPG and so on. and Pictures (JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF and PSD) file formats.

Study How to Restore Data Quickly

Have you come across data loss situation from your system hard drive? Are you unable to access files from SD card? Is your flash disk is infected from deadly viruses and deleted files from it? Is your iPod failed in accessing files? Do you want to get rid of all these issues? Are you in search for the solution on recovery files quickly?

Losing an important data from storage device can be very frustrating. In order to help you combat such incidences, you must have relevant recovery software. You can find many types of recovery tool that is available in the market but which one is the best application to restore data? Well, quick recovery is chosen as the reliable program that has an ability to get back data from any storage device without facing any sort of difficulty. No matter whether you lost data accidentally or intentionally, this quick recovery tool helps you to get back your valuable files. This application is simple to use but powerful data recovery program. Browse around this page- to get more details on quick recovery software.

Some of the factors that lead to data loss are mentioned below

  • Unintentional deletion: Shift deleted the files without having he backup of important files, deleted files by right clicking on the menu and just pressed Delete option, emptying Recycle Bin folder, etc.
  • Format: Opt for formatting the drive as soon as you get an error message stating that “drive not formatted, would you need to format it now?” formatting external storage drive to get rid of viruses, etc.
  • Virus infection: Viruses damages the file system of the storage device. It also has an ability to delete files without giving any notification.
  • Other reasons: Loss of files can be caused due to use of unauthorized third party tool, defrag failure, sudden shut down of the system, hard drive partitioning error, mishandling of external storage device like using the same SD card on different gadgets, abrupt removal, capturing pictures even on low battery, etc.

Important functionalities of quick recovery tool

Files can be searched and easily restored based on their unique signatures. Quick recovery tool supports data recovery from hard drives that includes SATA, SCSI, IDE, ATA, SAS etc with ease. You can also employ this program to get back files from flash memory cards like SD, CF, SDHC, MMC, XD, Memory stick, USB hard drives, pen drives, SSD drives, FireWire drives and others. It helps in retrieving files from file systems such as FAT12, ExFAT, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 partitions without facing any difficulty. You can quickly recover images of different format that includes TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc and also RAW images of CRW, CR2, NEF and many others. There is no need to worry if you have lost music files from iPod because this quick recovery program can execute music recovery from iPod within few mouse clicks.

Tips to be followed

  • Do not use iPod on different electronic gadgets.
  • Keep a backup of all the important files from iPod on different storage devices.
  • Use an updated antivirus tool to get rid of deadly viruses from iPod.

Software to Restore Deleted Mp3 Files from ITunes

ITunes is media player developed by Apple Inc, integrated with media library application. With the help of tool you can download, play, organized digital audio and video files on both widely used operating system such as Mac as well as Windows. Often it is found out that user loses vital MP3 files from iTunes library. Are you person who has lost data from iTunes library and willing to recover deleted files back then there is no need to fret; you can overcome from this situation. Here you need of an effective data recovery tool through which you can successfully recover deleted photos with ease. You can make use one of the skilled tools of current time named MP3 Music Recovery tool. With the help of this tool, you can successfully recover deleted MP3 file from iTunes with so ease.

If you are intending through the same crisis, and got aggravated of attempting unproductive tool then you can employ above listed tool and effectively recover iTunes music files effortlessly. There are several some other reasons where you can find this tool efficient enough to extract deleted MP3 files from ITunes library. Let us talk of some in detail, unintentional deletion is amongst the main factors of file deletion from iTunes library. It is happened if you locate different worthless files while glimpsing library files. When an individual has encountered this then the most of the user chose to wipe ineffective files from library. Within this kind of situation, there exists a chance of deletion of important files from iTunes library by chance. If you delete files in such a way then there is no need go any other path. You can fix it by using MP3 Music Recovery tool and effectively restore deleted mp3 files from iTunes in an efficient way.

However in order to recover files from iTunes library, you must choose some safety measures. If you delete files from iTunes library then you need to instantly select recovery. Unless you choose recovery, then it is recommended that do not store any file further within the iTunes library then there is a chance of overwriting of information location where the files are lost. Since information is overwritten then you definitely cannot recover lost by the application of any recovery tool. There are many some other reasons that may lead to file deletion from iTunes files and in every cause; you could find this tool efficient to retrieve lost files inside an efficient way. By making use of this tool, it is possible to get back deleted MP3 files from various storage devices like iPod, very good music player, CF, MMC, SD, XD, USB drive, along with other memory cards, USB drive, hard disks and other storage drives. For more info, you can visit this link: