Built-in Methods to Recover Songs from Formatted HDD

It is really a worst moment for all computer users when they lose music files after formatting the hard disk. It is highly unimaginable to predict under which situation user formats the hard disk. The end result is music files loss itself. Their problem begins to rise when they do not get backup of those files on any storage devices. As music files become integral part of everyone’s life, no one wants to lose them. So, the only solution to such kind of unbearable situation is to use trusted software.

When format the hard drive all files will not get lost, simply they become invisible to users and only pointer to such files gets lost. Hence, users no need to bother about their preferred music files. As these files can be recovered by making use of several formatted hard drive recovery software, there is a hope of recovering such files. Among such tools, MP3 music recovery is suggested by expert professionals to use it. It is well established with simple user interface so that user never feels difficulty while using it. This tool can retrieve music files from file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX, etc. The music files such as AIFC, AIF, M4A, M4b, AIFF, RA, etc. are recovered by this legally trusted program.

Circumstances where users format the hard drive are:

  • Manual formatting: Sometimes, users find that their hard drive is full of junk files and unnecessary data. Hence, in order to remove such files, they may format the hard drive resulting in loss of music files.
  • During re-installing OS: During the process of OS re-installation, there is a need to format the drive. While executing this process, there is a possibility that he / she may format the wrong the hard drive. Hence, music files from that hard drive get lost.
  • MBR corruption: Most of the users format the hard drive due to MBR corruption. This incidence takes place due to virus infection. If you continuously store files from storage device to computer without antivirus tool scan, then the virus prevents computer from booting up. Thus, without having any other option, there is a need to format the hard drive. For more scenarios behind hard drive formatting, just refer this link: http://www.mp3musicrecovery.com/formatted-hard-drive.html

Apart from these scenarios, few other scenarios like partition table corruption, frequent power failure, bad sectors on hard drive, hard drive failure, etc. are responsible for hard drive formatting. Different types of hard drives like IDE, SCSI, SATA and PATA of renowned brands like Toshiba, Seagate, Buffalo, iOmega, etc. are supported by this software. If you have poor technical knowledge and do not know how to recover MP3 files from corrupted memory card on both Mac and Windows OS, then simply make use of this proficient tool. Furthermore, it can get back music files from storage devices like FireWire drives, memory sticks, USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc. It is designed to do detailed scanning of formatted hard drive to bring back music files with ease. Later, you are allowed to take preview of recovered music files before storing the end result on computer.